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Originally Posted by nosferatu_dj View Post
Jet contrails spotted in Perth skies
June 08, 2009 11:00am


"I looked at it through my binoculars and it was a twin-engined aircraft, similar to a 767 or 737, with a colour scheme (blue fuselage and white wings) similar to Air Force Two. That's the aircraft the US government uses for important members of government other than the president who uses Air Force One of course," Mr Redfearn said.

"I doubt if it really was Air Force Two but its flight path and altitude over Perth were unusual. I don't think there was anything sinister in it but just wonder who's plane it was and what it was doing?"

all these pictures are from this website


I've lived in Perth for over 15 year - never seen 1 chemtrail. In the last month I've seen 3! One coming back from Mandurah - 2 weeks ago - flew across thw hole sky - a clear clean line. Then last week saw one that turned 30 degrees and then 30 degrees again. This tim eearly in the morning on way to work I only had my phone camera so no good pics.
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