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Arrow How many volcanoes erupting before TRANS MALEania MANchelle bombshells

TRANS MALEania and MANchelle: two bombshells fired after Obama Bin Laden's resurrection on Easter Sunday
Feb 26, 2018 - As predicted by Last Prophet:

Unprecedented number of volcanoes erupting, 33 days from Easter Sunday
Meanwhile in the USA: Deadly tornado outbreak as powerful storms strike millions.
Feb 26, two days before end of the unprecedented month of darkness:
To get why the "Navy Team Seal that took out al Qaeda bad guy Osama Bin Laden a few years ago" is making headlines as "5 key differences between Delta Force and SEAL Team 6":
33 days to the start of the BIG BANG, launched by the illuminati Grand Master at Jerusalem, the official end of the world as the human cattle knows it.
It starts with an anti-bible act starring Obama in the role where he first stepped on stage:
Obama Bin Laden's satanic resurrection followed by a bombshell deluge well beyond Melania and Mishell.

Incoming bombshells: MANchelle and Maleania "exposed" as TRANS, ...
... Trump and Obama stripped of presidential titles, Obama sentenced to death by hanging are some of the fireworks that follow Obama's staged arrest.

Just how "rare" is the Jan 31, 2018 'super blue blood moon' exactly?
Aug 2017 - One of the headlines was "Total Solar Eclipse Makes History as It Sweeps Across America".
This time there are no "Super blue blood moon makes history" headlines, only the mention of a "rare" event.
But this time, even if God's sign in the skies starts again with the end of the USA in the spotlight, it goes well beyond it: it's about the END of the AGE.
A reminder of Last Prophet's words from Easter Monday 2017:
Super blue blood moon followed by a month of darkness: first time ever Jan 31 2018.
Since God created humans, nearly 6,000 years ago, there were many months without a full moon and yet the name was always the same: February.
But NEVER EVER did this happen immediately after a super blue blood moon.
In other words: after 5777 years for the first time a super blue blood moon appears on the last day of January.
The first year after COMPLETION will start at sundown on September 20, 2017.
Will it be the year where God will alow the satanists to FINALLY stage the act "777: Obamessiah of the Obamanation of Desolation resurrects at Jerusalem", on the SEVENth Easter Sunday since the "Osama Bin Laden dead" act?
An act that the Illuminati Grand Master was forced to postpone Easter Sunday after Easter Sunday since 2012 (since 2014 also with the preliminary "missing Boeing 777" already released).

Once the US shutdown starts to switch off lights then you should know that Illuminati are launching their BIG BANG bombshells.
As for God launching the End of the Age it seems that the sign we should expect is the eruption of the Fire lake.
As of today angelic Google makes sure that it's immediately recognizable in a red ocean, where it emerges in strict super blue.
Make no mistake about BLUE: I am speaking not only STRICTLY but also LITERALLY.
In other words: the first blue lake also has blood water suggesting that it will only erupt after the literal Fire lake gave the sign for the end of the Age.
Note that for YELLOW, on the other hand, the literal key returned by angelic Google is FLOWERS not STONE.

Feb 26, 2018 - 5 key differences between Delta Force and SEAL Team 6

Feb 25, 2018 - Deadly tornado outbreak as powerful storms strike millions

Feb 26 - 35 volcanoes erupting from the Americas to Eurasia and Africa: UNPRECEDENTED number in the UNPRECEDENTED month of darkness.
What's erupting? List & map of currently active volcanoes
Feb 14 - 35 volcanoes erupting

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Arrow Human cattle unable to look into erupting Japan's 'James Bond' volcano

Human cattle staring at the 'James Bond' volcano: to see or not to see
March 6, 2018 - illuminati trying to complete the last two requirements before the BIG BANG (IV Reich military taking Eastern Ghouta from syrian rebels and the Trumperminator decisively disarming US citizens).
As for the literally volcanic headlines of the day:
- Japanese 'James Bond' volcano shoots to thrill;
- Photos: Japanese Volcano Shinmoedake Eruption Sends Smoke and Ash Nearly 12,000 Feet Into the Air.
Note: while the first three photos show smoke and ashes the last one is a preview of the Lake of Fire.

Human cattle staring at the 'James Bond' volcano will see only the smoke, unwilling to acknowledge Lake of Fire's preview where it came from.
Transcript from mass media illustrating how illuminati make sure that human cattle must add 1 + 1 (in other words: what said cattle can't do) to get the real picture:
"This eruption was the largest since 2011—sending ash and smoke nearly 12,000 feet into the air", followed by a line implying the opposite, more precisely that this is in fact the largest eruption:"In 2011, ... (it was) sending smoke 5,000 feet above its crater".
Note: the 007 volcano started erupting, albeit in a smaller scale, March 1 before dawn.
In other words: during the last hours (GMT) of what was identified worldwide only by Last Prophet as the unprecedented month of darkness.

Notes - March 6, 2018
Japanese 'James Bond' volcano shoots to thrill
Shinmoedake, in a largely rural area some 985 km (616 miles) from Tokyo on Japan's southernmost main island of Kyushu, had been erupting on a smaller scale since March 1, when entrance to the 1,421 meter-high peak was restricted.

Photos: Japanese Volcano Shinmoedake Eruption Sends Smoke and Ash Nearly 12,000 Feet Into the Air
This eruption was the largest since 2011 ... In 2011, the Japanese volcano led to some evacuations, sending smoke 5,000 feet above its crater

see first post:
Feb 26, 2018 - As predicted by the same Last Prophet who 33 days earlier identified first what, as expected, was so far echoed worldwide only by the smallest organization in the Universe, the Web of Truth:
Two days before the end of the unprecedented month of darkness, following the first ever super blue blood moon on Jan 31, 33 days from Easter Sunday:
Unprecedented number of volcanoes erupting, weeks before TRANS MALEania MANchelle bombshells, fired after Obama Bin Laden's resurrection at Jerusalem:

Basic facts about human cattle - self explains why reading it won't have you weep about yourself
Facts listed 2008, each one illustrated with examples, last updated Feb 2016 with recent ones.
#2 - Refusal to acccept that their government is already applying to them some of what they (or entities which their government is part of) are doing to others now.
#4 - Refusal to use their memory while trying to build logical reasoning.
#5 - Total loss of the capacity for logical reasoning when it comes to the basics.
The ultimate example to illustrate basic fact #2 about the human cattle:
ongoing genocide in Syria, at this point with every area controlled by the real rebels totally reduced to rubble and the refusal to admit that it might come to american and EU cities .
Side note: no point precising that it will inevitably come unless the illuminati successfully carry out the kill shot (compulsory vaccination against the fake super virus pandemic).
Reason: basic fact #5.

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erupting, maleania, manchelle, unprecedented, volcanoes

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