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Default all materials that are keeping them quiet, locations

styrofoam 1" thick
weedblock fabric
microwave doors
old microwave
torus magnets
charcoal mesh screen
silver, gold, copper bead wires
anti-static bag material painted
memory foam
aluminum cans

-torus magnets instide top of old microwave
-microwave doors along walls/floor
-stack styrofoam, weedblock, charcoal mesh screen in a center closet of house
-on fridge place aluminum cans and memory foam in open spaces around it
-get knitting mesh, make an X with copper wire, wrap tinfoil around the center of the X, place below sink pipes verticaly
-wrap loosely silver wire around left ankle, gold around right ankle

i use gold bond and yi yi ren and white lotus lotions on lower spine. upper spine, and in armpits. this takes away the bio-tracking implant abilities to a large degree for me.

KNOW THIS, i have been pushing mentally the energy down to my feet to weaken the signal pathways.

try these things over time you should see they go from intensity inside the skull to resonating outside. the blocks stop them from looking and once they stop caring they recede over time.
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