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Default Cold war era mental interface technology


I already see high-resolution computerized style imagery, an example is I saw this morning in my late REM stage a visual screen with panels on it, which flicked off exactly as I woke up.

It's been going on for years!

This technology I believe to have the capability to preempt and predict human movements by at least a few seconds, like how neurons fire before or as things happen within a phase. If so that's readable, especially with profiling and enhanced monitoring.

I was concerned primarily this would be route to infiltrating the Chinese, I see it as a threat to them.

In your mind, high resolution, raster/ vector style visual data, monochromatic textured, black backing grainy over black visual screens with written data and all types of stuff. 3D, synesthesia style blending of senses with the visual cortex, smells and feelings of texture and visual displays, routinely scanning digital interference data in UFO videos to get ideas about propulsion.

I saw the story on the main page AI may be controlling humanity already, well back in 2014 I began posting online about how such intergrated earth based digital supercomputers (like your iphone in the 1970's) were all linked increasingly, and analogies are made that they all work like neurons.

My idea was that these computers see forward into the future already, and lesser systems on the surface of the world feed into that and begin to match that, the computers underground I mean, the black government underground ones. They're prob early quantum computers, or ET assisted designs.

Then you have like the off-world computer systems if you would then even call them that inferring digital or quantum. Eventually human earth systems would begin to concur with them, even serve as ET given technology that proliferated across the planet and gained them cross comparability into the earth bound technological systems.

This idea is cross compatible with Timothy Leary's timewave zero from the I-Ching. Whereby new ideas, new actions become less and less accross the increasing population of humans experiencing reality, and the increasing number of highly sophisticated computers and sensor nets monitoring and projecting data of future events causes a reversal, or rather inversion of 'Novelty', whereby things become increasingly predictable, yet less novel, or new, or unpredictable.

This is something I believe to be some while back, SKYNET IS already controlling humanity, except this may be cold war era technology which started number crunching in the 60's or 70's, and has now over the interim 30-50 years gained increasing influence.

A child's face-book response did not come back fast enough, in causality of chaos theory it could lead to all sorts of things for the individual, perhaps billions of people not realizing obvious facts of the world they live in could later doom us all.

Not to mention increasing levels of Electromagnetic radiation, and the Nuclear radiation which in physics, due to all the leaking reactors which is every reactor in the united states, dooms us to a relatively fast extinction.

I sit here I have no friends little money and the government drugs me and tells me I am delusional due to the technology they distribute via the medical sector, the implantable transponders, yet they continue to deny this like they have no idea what they're doing.

Guess what, this happens all through the industrial revolution. Humans are not so smart out in space. What a pathetic doomed joke.

Peace out.
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