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Originally Posted by infinite tea View Post
Because it is "asleep" people who allow this shite system to carry on which causes life to be worse than it should be.

Your post is hypocritical - you are imposing your judgement on the OP whilst saying it is wrong to impose your views???? Education is not an imposition, and education about the truth is liberation.
I am giving an opinion - I am imposing nothing - people are free to agree or disagree or think nothing further about my post or views.
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infinite tea
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Originally Posted by thoreau View Post
I am giving an opinion - I am imposing nothing - people are free to agree or disagree or think nothing further about my post or views.
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There are none so blind as those who will not see, or something like that, it's pretty obvious that a lot of stuff in this world isn't right. If people don't want to acknowledge that, you can't really make them, so relax
“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” - Oscar Wilde

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if it was easy mate Jesus would of had us all sorted out thousands of years ago...

but yes I empathise, people are desperatly ignorant. I had very little success myself, but I still gently nudge whenever I have the oppertunity. The thing is, I've been very consistant over the last half a decade, some people around me are finnaly and just barely starting to wonder what I'm talking about.

Its far from genuine interest of course, but it is a start.

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family are the hardest to reach and you could feel very depressed ...

my own adult children, cant even be around me because they are afraid of the unknown... it is the scariest thing in the world for them... that is why you can not wake them up... think of if you woke up .. to a nightmare... wouldnt you rather stay asleep?

this is what it is like for them... to have their illusions and reality completely shattered, would leave them in this state... they can't wake up

I know it hurts because you want to save them, you love them

if they are meant to awaken, even a little bit, then something will click in for them ... it may or may not come from you, but elsewhere

seek those who WANT to wake up... you'll recognize them...
it will give you purpose... your family will see that you have a purpose... they will come to you... if and when they are ready

you do want to avoid waking any of the hungry wolves tho... let them keep hibernating
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Originally Posted by thoreau View Post
Am sure I can think of £1 or $2 reasons...
The purpose of life is a life of purpose maybe !
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Default Baby steps

There is a psychological model in Social Pedagogy which is used to help traumatised young people to grow. It also is of great value when working with closed minded adults. Here it is;
We all have a Comfort Zone. This is the place where we feel safe and is where we retreat to when we feel unsafe.
Outside this, we have a Learning Zone and outside this, we have a Panic Zone.

When trying to help someone to grow, we encourage them to enter their Learning Zone. If we draw them too far, we pull them into their Panic Zone and they will swiftly, possibly violently, retreat to their Comfort Zone.

What we need to understand is that some people's Learning Zones are very thin. By drawing them out into their Panic Zones, we only reinforce their belief that the world is a scary and threatening place.
Start with very small attempts to draw people into their Learning Zone. The Learning Zone is where we grow and small steps lead to great results. If you are still taking them too far, try even smaller. Using this method, you will one day be able to stand together with them in territory which would once have been so far into their Panic Zone that they couldn't even begin to comprehend it. You will also find that you have expanded your own Learning Zone in the process. As ever, gentle Love and Understanding are the keys to our emancipation.
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Once one “wake’s up”, the natural urge is to wake everyone else up around you. Sometimes that approach works, usually not. To truly be free, you have to let other people be free; even if that means letting them sleep .
Basically it is a futile effort. Besides, It's not my job. I think it would be more effective to just find the others who have already set forth on that path to find....(Damn I hate this word)"Truth".
I no longer try to expose others of any "alternative" or critical information in hopes of them having an epiphany. Actually , I've even seen the whole,"Wake-up" process backfire. Before that, I never understood where the "paranoid delusional" stereotype that is tagged on Conspiracy research came from.

"The Truth", I’ve come to learn, isn’t a ‘destination’ to be reached, but the Journey itself. Remember, Information is not Knowledge,Knowledge is not Wisdom,Wisdom is not truth, truth is not beauty.beauty is not love
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All belief systems are a community of thoughts that live in your aura.

If someone injects new thoughts, it's as if strangers rode into town and started to demolish your buildings. You're going to put up a fight, aren't you?

You can only slip into other people's minds what is vibrationally and thematically a bit similar to what is there. That's why you have to start with tiny steps over their boundaries and hope that your little bits of information might stick.

David Icke talked about the totalitarian tip-toe. Well, we need to tip-toe into other people's belief structures.

And remember that all thoughts are part of the Matrix and form the Matrix Mind. Even the New Age and Truth movements are vast thought-form complexes that are trying to expand themselves and gain new converts like octopuses putting out tentacles.

I think that if you work on inner silence and the new meditation at 9.30pm that David has just suggested, you might actually send out more helpful vibes that will bring the whole Matrix crashing down...including the rigid belief-systems of your family.

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