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Default What we can do.

Some ideas for things we can do.

Become conscious consumers, Take serious the genetic manipulation of food chemicals in food like asparteme flouride, by organic if you can afford it, dont buy floride toothpaste. Little things like this will benifit your familys health and will send a message to the corperations.

Become concious consumers of culture, think about what you are watching and why, does it have value? Feed yourself with worthwhile information and not mindwashing rubbish. This doesnt mean you never watch light entertainment and become a nerd, just become concious of what your watching and ask yourself what value does this have and whats it doing to my subconcious.

Instead of consuming what your given become a creator, grow your own food if possible. Start creating culture instead of mindlessly consuming. Create art, writing, games, songs, music, comedy, philosophy, historical, research etc whatever you like doing and you think has value. This will enrich your mind and also counter the mainstream.

We need to become mindful consumers and creators the current world wouldnt last long if just a few thousands took this up. Imagine a 1000 john lennons.
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