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Default Unwanted OBEs // 2008 - present.

Bare in mind that I am only 17.

Two months after my grandfather's death, I began having strange, recurring dreams that usually started off as a normal dream, but shortly after, I would become aware that I was dreaming and there wouldn't be anything unusual about them, except for the sense of unease that I felt and the fact that when I would look into someone's eyes (could be anyone's, it was even my cat's eyes at one point!), an awful noise, which was very close to sounding like a ringing alarm clock, would come out of my mouth and my entire astral body, which I am now aware of, of course, would start vibrating and I would become physically paralyzed. I classified this as lucid dreaming entwined with sleep paralysis and unsuccessful, accidental astral projections.

I very dearly missed my grandfather, as he was the closest thing I had to dad and every night I would lay in bed and when I'd close my eyes, I would feel the sensation of my bed rocking, like in a swinging crib.
I liked it because, stupidly, I thought it was my grandfather trying to comfort me; I didn't think it was anything unusual, until I came across a forum online, on which people would post their experiences, that were similar to mine. It turned out that this swinging sensation was actually my astral body wanting to get out of my physical body.

I'm an inexperienced mediator, therefore I have never had an intentional OBE.

My first OBE happened last year. I was very afraid and confused when it happened because I had no control of what was happening to me. I know in fact it was an OBE because everything in the room looked exactly as I left it before I went to sleep. The light was on because I'm scared of the dark. The blinds were shut and I could see myself facing the wall, with my hand next to my face which was the exact position that I fell asleep in.

Since then, I've had no more than four OBEs and THEY WERE ALL UNINTENTIONAL.
Not to mention I've started seeing with my eyes closed (I do not and never have experienced with any drugs, whatsoever). And I don't see colours, patterns, or anything. I usually see a movie screen and I'm observing some people that I don't know.

I'm sorry if this feels rushed, there's just too much to tell, and probably a lot of unnecessary details!

This is just a very brief summary of what has been happening to me ever since my grandfather died.
And it's okay if you don't believe me, honestly. I don't mind. I would think I was crazy, too, if I wasn't experiencing any of this.
I don't feel special (the Indigo children thing that my mum goes on about drives me crazy). I feel like this is an incredibly personal thing and sometimes I'm glad it's happening and sometimes I get awfully confused and lonely, as I can't find the reason as to why it even began happening to me and what it is exactly.

The OBEs aren't the nicest experiences; they're extremely uncomfortable and I always feel a sense of danger when I'm out of my body. Also, sometimes when I become aware, my astral body REALLY wants to get out and I'm REALLY, seriously trying to sleep because I'm EXTREMELY tired and it gets annoying.
I honestly can't control this and I want to know why and how did it start? As in, what triggered it?

I'm not really looking for a specific answer, maybe just a similar experience story and a little bit of understanding from the people on this forum.
Remember; if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Thank you.

PS. May I also add that none of this happened all at the same time. It started in 2008 and it was a very gradual process.

bad energy sensation
lucid dreaming
vibrations + ringing
sleep paralysis
astral projection
closed eye visions
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What started it was the sad situation that happened upon you with your grandfather's death. When we are emotionally drained and in despair it seems as though the soul and energy body complex sometimes just ups and leaves the physical body in order to go and recouperate in some way. This seems to be energitic recouperation aswell as the mental calming you may get from having OOBEs. ( the logical conclusion that life continues after we expire physically).

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I have also had unwanted OBE's in an awakened state and for almost a year it was so bad that it was getting in the way of me functioning in the waking state. for me it was demonic entities and aliens manipulating my spirit to astral travel, sometimes to dark evil places that I didnt want to go.

you are not alone with this.
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There are at least 3 parts to us. The physcial body, the consciousness and the etheric body. The etheric body is an energy copy of your physical body.

Four experiences is not a lot. What to do about it depends on what the cause is. If you are simply so tried your physical body is dropping off to sleep very quickly and your astral body/consciousness is leaving then it is a matter of you making a soul choice you do not wish to leave your body. If you find yourself in the astral realm you might try looking for the silver cord many see. Give it a hard pull and think yourself back into your body.

There is technology used by interdimensional Beings that removes the energy/etheric body from your physical body. If so there is not a lot you can do to get back to your physical body. The only reason I mention this is the noises you said you heard. They have been associated with the technology. If you are pulled out along with your energy body then all you can do is remember all you can and interact appropriately to keep yourself safe.

In any of these situations fear is not good. This has been happening and you have not been harmed so the chances are you will not be harmed in the future. Keeping your vibratory rate high will help, if you are simply popping into the astral it will keep in the here and now or in the upper realms. This mean going to sleep with a feeling of loving and kind energy.
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astral projection, lucid dreaming, obe, sleep paralysis, visions

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