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something fun like flying or sex 5 29.41%
seek the truth of life and the universe 9 52.94%
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Originally Posted by bibimbap View Post

I had the exact same feelings. It was pretty intense. I would in the deepest depressions for about 2 or 3 days after a dream about this guy. Weird isn't it? I read somewhere that there was a guy who kept dreaming about this girl since he was a kid. As he got older, so did she. As an adult, he met this girl from China online, they started chatting and he just had this 'feeling' about her. Turns out, she told him she had been having dreams of this guy since she was a kid. And when they met they realized they'd been dreaming of each other. I wonder who they are.. I go to this psychic/medium sometimes, she is amazing and gives you proper details, well according to her he's not an actual being but a reflection of myself, and also my archetype/ideal and the way to know if someone is 'the one' is if he reminds me of this guy somehow. I (want to) believe her, but at the same time...it just feels so real doesn't it? What do you think?

Oh, and your Australian dolphin dream sounds really cool. I'd like to think that's the purpose of life haha! bring out the wine
Nice story
I am pretty sure its a real person i am dreaming about, but I guess I cant really be sure unless i meet her one day
Normally i would agree that most other people in dreams are aspects/reflections of yourself, but in lucid dreams it different.. Normal dreams are more weird and confusing than lucid dreams and i think it is because the brain is working out stuff you have experienced and problems you might have. thats when its a reflection.
Lucid dreams imo is not reflections since you can pretty much do what ever you like to do
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Originally Posted by bibimbap View Post
I LOVE these ideas! I'm still trying to figure out how to actually visit people in dreams. I always thought we could do this just by consciously wishing or believing it, but when I was totally conscious and calling for someone, they didn't show; this happened a lot. I guess it's hit or miss?
Just guessing, but I would mentally rehearse doing something whilst awake that I wanted to do in a lucid dream. Perhaps clearly imagine the person you want to see. Have them approach you or they could ring your doorbell. Or you could bump into them in some crowded street or a deserted beach. Create a special place in your imagination - a building, forest glade, island or cloud - where you know they'll be so you can visit them. Imagine every day until all the details become real to you. Imagine the sights and sounds that would be there.
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lucid dreaming

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