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Default 'Tomatoes could help cancer fight': study


"'Tomatoes could help cancer fight': study
Published: 26 Mar 10 08:28 CET

The humble tomato could be a weapon to deploy in the fight against cancer, a new study from Sweden's Lund University has shown.

Researchers hope that in the future tomatoes could have a role to play in battling cancer. According to the study conducted at Lund University, and reported in the Sydsvenskan daily, tomato genes have been found to destroy cancer cells.

"Tomato genes seem to work like a suicide bomb," said Jure Piskur, a professor at Lund University and one of the researchers behind the study.

A combination of tomato genes and AZT - the anti-retoviral drug used to combat HIV - makes the tomatoes explode and destroy cancer cells in tumours. The genes are injected into the cancer cells.

The tomato gene is active in the build up and repair of the gene pool. Together with the AZT medicine it can constitute an effective weapon.

"We have tested a hundred different organisms and a hundred different medicines. But the best combination is the tomato gene and AZT medicine," Piskur told the newspaper.

The first registered gene therapy treatment of cancer began a few months ago in Finland. As it currently stands gene therapy can not cure cancer, simply hinder its development.

TT/The Local ([email protected]/08 656 6518)"

IsnĀ“t this great, now they have found another use for the poisonous crap AZT....
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I await the follow-up "study" where big pharma "research" gives us a long list of "tomato dangers" that they INSIST they found, but no researcher can replicate. Of course the MSM will run the story as "Tomatoes: The Hidden Killer!"
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I intuitively believe this because I understand how tomatoes take what we need from the Earth and provide it to us when we eat it just like medicine. But the tomatoes must be grown in soil that is mineralized.

The best cancer fighters in the food world are foods called brassicas. These are brocolli, cabbage, kale, brussel sprouts, etc. If you really want to maximize the anti-cancer active ingredients of these foods it is very easy to grow sprouts of these foods because the seeds are cheap and very small. I grow brocolli, red clover, and a few others as sprouts, then I low-temp dehydrate them, powder them in a coffee grinder, and put them in capsules myself.

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Have you ever taken a thin slice of tomato and, instead of chewing and swallowing, held it to the roof of your mouth? It's positively orgasmic.

So what I'm saying is, tomatoes own.
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