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Originally Posted by dude111 View Post
Well i wish you luck..... My parents for example WONT LOOK @ ANYTHING I TRY TO SHOW THEM.... (They say its all garbage)

Very sad
I find the only way to encourage folk to listen is to just plant seeds, point out hypocrisy or that things are wrong with the accepted view, without going into too much detail. Then occasionally someone will actually ask and then I can expand. I'm quite into stats so quoting things like the efficacy of vacines or the ecconomic benefit to a drug company, the marketing budget of drug companies, the average pay of a scientist versus the average pay of a drug rep. The ecconomic benefits of supressing research into safety/long term damage I find is a much more compelling argument than just stating vaccines are evil and will damage your child.
I find this is the right approach for most of the issues discussed on this board rather than "the evil illuminati are trying to kill us" approach
the bastards at the top of the tree put profits before people approach is easier to comprehend
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If you are unsure as yet, do lots of research. To give yourself time and take the pressure off, don't say that you are not having the vaccinations, just say you feel that your child isn't ready yet and will let them know when you feel ready (this is what I did). There is actually no medical reason that vaccinations are given within the first year, other than, this is the time parents are most vulnerable to medical pressure because of the scheduled baby check-ups. It was realised that once this time period was over, the take up rate would be much lower than was planned by the medical establishment. So that is why so many vaccinations occur in this time period.

As a childs immune system is not fully developed until 6 years of age any beneficial effects of vaccination cannot surely, be expected to take place before this age. If you are breastfeeding you are supporting your childs immune system, as nature intended.
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Take it from me. It's much easier to listen to your gut, no one else when it comes to vaccines. I wish I stuck to my guns back when my son got his. I live the vaccine horror stories every day.
cold silence has the tendency to atrophy any sense of compassion
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