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Default Chinese New Year Massive Occult Ritual Exposed

Did You See the Whole of the Moon?
Submitted by Matthew Delooze on 7 February, 2008 - 00:00.

Pic: The Sun & the Chinese Zodiac)
The Chinese New Year Celebrations
By Matthew Delooze
"I wandered out in the world for years - While you just stayed in your room
I saw The Crescent – You saw the Whole of the Moon
You were there in the turnstiles- With the wind at your heels
You struck for the stars- And you know how it feels
To get- too high- too far- too soon"
From the song 'The Whole of the Moon' by The Waterboys

Hello folks, (Just a short one)
Many people have asked me about the ‘Chinese New Year Celebrations’. Obviously if you are not Chinese the celebrations pass you by without you even noticing them. Well they do don't they? We can't be arsed with them can we? That said you would be foolish to think the Chinese New Year Celebrations only happen in China.

It’s a massive worldwide ritual and I assure you it is planned to be that way. Indeed there is a Chinatown in all major Cities around the globe and the establishment openly allowed them to develop over several centuries. It’s all part of the agenda
Let us first have a quick look at the official history behind the celebrations.

‘Chinese New Year starts with the New Moon on the first day of the New Year and ends on the Full Moon 15 days later’. It is also known as the ‘Lunar New Year Festival’ The main deity honoured in celebrations is the Jade Emporer and this deity links up the religions of Taoism and Buddhism but he is known as Sakra in the latter case.

I don’t want to drone on about the deities but please feel free to do your own research click on the links provided above as a starting source for you. If you do you will find that the deities being worshiped and adored by the Chinese are very similar to the deities being worshipped by us (E.G The sun and the twelve signs of the zodiac).

Indeed the Chinese religions also have a Supreme Being with twelve signs of the zodiac and they also seem to confirm the occult connection to the figure 33. (The Devas and the 33 heavens)
“The Jade Emperor lives in the 33rd heaven. He is the king of gods and in charge of 33 heavens. Therefore Jade Emperor is one of the important gods who are worshiped or prayed in the many Chinese family” (Source)
As I said I don’t want to drone on about the religious deities involved. I have claimed in my latest book that my opinion is that all of major religions ‘worship the Sun’ and by doing so their members are deceived into worshipping multi-dimensional entities that are alien to this world.

Why do I believe such a thing? To briefly explain, these 'entities' claim to have created the Sun, through the symbolic ancient scriptures, that have been hypnotically embedded into the collective consciousness of mankind and by other means. We are made to swear an oath during our lives, that is spiritually binding, and we actually endorse what deceptive alien beings have symbolically told us. 'Mass thought creates our physical reality' Please read my book.

Anyway, why is the Chinese New Year allowed to take place all around the Globe? Have you ever wondered why the limit of your knowledge about the Chinese ends at number 101 on the local take-away menu or a martial arts DVD? Is your total knowledge about China summed up with the words 'Pork balls and Bruce Lee'? You wouldn't be on your own, by a long chalk, if this were the case. I have mentioned for a few years now why I believe the usual New Years Eve celebrations take place. Please click here if you wish to read about that.

Obviously if you believe that the normal New Years celebrations (Gregorian Calendar) are not connected to mythical deities and the Sun and you also believe that the establishment created the event just for you to have a party then you are not going to be interested in this article at all. You may as well go and have a chicken chow mien somewhere and just think that the Chinese New Year is just something the Chinese celebrate alone, just for the sake of it, and it has no effect on you whatsoever. If you are of this mentality then there is no need to go further in this article, it is of no use to you.

For those that want to remember more then please carry on reading this article. Indeed lets start by asking why the Chinese New Year takes place all over the western world with no objections being made whatsoever. Indeed this event is always encouraged no matter where they take place. London, Paris, New York. Berlin and Sydney just to mention a few. 'China' and its traditions literally exist in every country and in all major cities. Again most westerners just collectively 'accept' that without even thinking about it? There are never any major immigration problems with the Chinese people and they are established all over the world. It’s the norm.

The one fact that stands out in my mind is that the Chinese know that their New Year (Eve) is directly linked to the cycle of the moon (New Moon). The Chinese are just as religious as the Christians and honour their gods at festival time. They accept the two are the same thing, in other words they accept that Jade Emporer and the moon are worshipped at the same time at New Year. Christians on the other hand cannot comprehend that at our New Year (eve) celebrations we also worship the sun god (Janus). We accept we are supposed to worship Jesus at Christmas but we think New Years Eve is just a party. We never click on we are in a ritual.

So can you accept that at Chinese New Year the Chinese population worship the deity 'Jade Emporer' (Sakra to Buddhists) AND because of the cycle of the moon? Can you also accept that we Christians are conned into carrying out the same thing at Christmas time because of the cycle of the sun? Obviously the cycle of the Sun is always at the same time of year but the cycle of the moon varies, hence the Chinese New Year being at 'different times' every year.
Can you grasp what is going on, in modern day terms, leading up to 2012 and beyond?

In my opinion the human race on Earth is continually carrying out Sun/Moon rituals every year but they (a) haven't a bloody clue what’s going on or ( they don't care. Usually both! Let me put it this way. Over several centuries it has been arranged through the Serpent Cult to allow millions of people, that follow Taoism and Buddhism, to be located around the world in all major cities. They have been encouraged to build Temples etc. and celebrate the Chinese New Year at the first new/full moon of the year.
We, usually out of lack of interest, accept this out of hand.

We spiritually agree for the Chinese ritual to take place in other words. We don't care that we have the farcical situation of having different New 'Years' on 'one' planet do we? Come on think about it we are supposed to be intelligent people but we blindly allow our corrupt establishments to tell us something like...
....“Yes you thick bastards we only have one planet but we are telling you to accept and celebrate different dates to carry out rituals at 'New Year'. Err.. We know you won't challenge the reasons for this because you just want to go out and party, you are simply not going to object and you are basically too silly to do anything about it”....
...“You will never guess that we are getting you to carry out Sun/Moon and Deity rituals because you are all stupid bastards that think you all have different Gods and different holidays.

That's how fucking stupid you are and you will never guess what is really going on. Indeed you haven't sussed what's been going on for thousands of years and you keep reincarnating and doing it all again and again.

So never mind about thinking about the Chinese New Year... after all its only a bunch of silly chinkies dressed up, setting fireworks off and worshipping 'underworld' 'Gods' and the moon isn't it? Silly buggers they are for doing so too aren't they and of course they wouldn't catch you dressing up like a knob head and prancing around on New Years Eve whilst unknowingly celebrating 'underworld' Gods and the Sun would they? Well would they?....(You know they would!)

Am I getting you thinking yet? The facts are right under your nose but you never bloody look do you? In my opinion the Chinese New Year ritual works exactly the same as the Christian New Year ritual. That is to say it is to extract spiritual energy from the masses and to receive emotional respect (Our permission) for a multidimensional deceptive force to 'rule over us'.
Just like our western New Year celebrations give energy to symbolic Gods and their Symbolism (Sun) then the eastern New Year also gives energy to symbolic Gods and their symbolism (Moon). The fact is that both east and west are feeding the same gods because the Jade Emporer (Savra) is the same deceptive force as Jesus (Janus).

Do you get it? The two different New Year celebrations are created to serve the same deceptive force. They are not different, they have nothing to do with a 'New Year' (obviously because they are at different times) they are simply a form of worship.

Chinese New Year in Beijing. What do you see?

Just like our New Years ritual, the Chinese New Year is just the same E.G Energy is released in front of symbolic buildings and temples. In the background of the picture above is the Chinese version of Big Ben (Obelisk) and of course there is an eye on the building opposite.
There is no difference whatsoever in the different events. The same deceptive force are symbolised by all the 'underworld' mythology figures and all the major religious figures, both in the East and in the West.

They are all the same force therefore it does not matter if you are Eastern/Chinese or English/American/ European because we are ALL giving up spiritual energy to the same force at both events, be it the chinese New Year or the Enlish New Year. It does not really matter that the symbolism being displayed at the celebrations, say in New York or London, does not match up with the local beliefs or customs of the said cities. The Chinese New Year symbolism being displayed in London or New York will actually 'connect' up with the monuments in China. Although that said a lot of replica monuments are openly displayed in the 'China Towns' that are located around the world.
There is no difference in worshipping around an original temple (or pagoda) of Savra (Jade Emporer) in China or doing it in a replica Chinatown in London or Paris. Indeed in the case of the Buddhist they just need to plonk down a statue of Buddha anywhere and hey presto you have a portable sun god monument

Portable statue of Buddha complete with sun

This is just another hypnotic symbol that is used to steal your spiritual energy when you 'celebrate' around it. The same trick is carried out with other deity figures in the West including Jesus and his virgin mother.
The pagoda can take on many forms of occult geometry and hypnotic symbols too.

The Temples/Pagodas of China can create any kind of occult symbolism required. Indeed the bottom pictures show the Biggest Pagoda in China
Wake Up!

I need to explain something that came up the other day and I have been meaning to say it for a while, that is about people wearing 'personal' symbolism. I get emails from folk asking me if it’s 'OK' to wear this or wear that. 5 pointed stars/ Christian crosses and even swastika's etc. I say yes of course its OK to wear personal symbolism wear what you want. You wear symbolism because of what you are 'told' it means and because you like to wear it. Most of you have no idea of the true meaning of symbols and neither do I wish to tell you that I know more than you.

I am not here to be a big head or a know all. Indeed I couldn't open the public toilets in Paris a few weeks ago and nearly 'peed' my pants trying to do just that, so please don't think I am clever. So if I can't even unlock the public toilets in Paris then I will certainly struggle unlocking the codes of occult symbolism won't I?
What I will say though and please believe me on this, that only the 'power' behind certain symbols and shapes know their true meanings and this power will do anything it can to get you to respect and accept its symbolism. For instance if you are told a Christian Cross is a symbol of Jesus and you believe that then you may want to wear and 'proudly' display the symbolism based on that understanding. But you may have been lied to about the reason of the Christian Cross symbolism and are woefully unaware of its true meaning. Therefore the force that created the symbolism is the only force that knows the true meaning of the symbolism.

You will never know in your current spiritual state the true meaning of the symbolism that controls this world. Are you with me?
Another example is that if a supporter of a club is given a badge that he is 'told' represents his club then he is going to wear and proudly display that badge too. The person would 'love' and respect the badge. Can you accept that the 'pride' in wearing personal symbolism creates love and respect for the symbolism but this love and respect is given to the symbol entirely based on what you are 'told' it means? Can you accept that pride and love create energy? When you feel pride or respect it creates an invisible energy in my opinion and I have said so in my books.

The pride and love was created through what you were 'told' the symbolism represented. Yes? The same 'pride' and love, therefore the same invisible energy, would still 'exist' even if the symbolism meant the opposite of what you were originally told. It is a natural energy. Spiritual energy. This fact applies even though you were totally unaware that you were giving love and respect to something you thought meant something different. Love and respect created through deception is still love and respect, at least until the deception is uncovered. Yes?

For example, in a 5-sense reality that is accepted today, if you were originally 'told' in your innocence that the 'Swastika' represented Jesus and you didn't know any different then you would proudly have worn the Swastika as a symbol of Jesus. (Yes you would!) You wouldn't know any different and you would obviously innocently give the pride and respect to the symbol you were 'told' represented Jesus. You would have been horrified to find out that the Swastika didn't really represent Jesus and therefore you love and pride for the symbol was misplaced. (I should add that on a spiritual level the Swastika does represent the same force as Jesus. (But that is for another day)
Indeed if I tried to tell you that the Swastika didn't represent Jesus after you had been previously told it did you would fight with me and attack me for doing so. What I am trying to say is that if you are 'told' a certain symbol means something you believe in, you will literally respect and defend the symbol and actually give that symbol unconditional spiritual love. If respect and admiration therefore create energy then that energy obviously goes to the creators or original providers of that symbolism. For example If I give a woman a diamond engagement ring, as a form of symbolism of our love, then the woman will love and respect the ring as much as she loved me.

The woman's energy created through respecting the ring, as true symbolism of our love, would only change if she didn't love me any more. Her respect for the ring would disappear as soon as her respect for me disappeared, and it would simply be thrown away or sold as rubbish, it would lose its sentimental value immediately. She would no longer respect the symbolic ring because she no longer respected the creator and provider of the symbolic ring. Do you understand? All those people who have ever had a ring chucked at them will know the situation on a 5-sense level and will therefore know the pain this causes on a spiritual level. If we are honest the spiritual power behind this sort of thing is far more powerful that the physical power. I hope that example got through as I feel you need to grasp the info. I believe symbolically that the Serpent Cult has engaged us all with a diamond engage ring given by deception.

I am sorry if I sound patronising but its important you understand that energy is created and actually 'passes through' symbolism and that energy always goes to the provider or creator of the symbolism, be it positive or negative and the diamond ring explanation is the easiest way to tell you that.
So OK we get the picture now yes. Symbolism (monuments and temples included) creates energy and that energy is always given to its creator and/or provider. So what is happening during the Chinese New Year? Well basically all the energy created is going to and passing through to the symbolic deities involved in Buddhism and Taoism through the symbolism and monuments being displayed at the festivals and the parades.

It is exactly the same scenario as the New Year celebrations in the western world. When the western world celebrates during the festive season we are really celebrating the cycle and rebirth of the 'Sun' over 'the twelve days of Christmas' so to speak. We are too full of greed, hypnotised with material things and controlled by the urge to party that we simply can't see this at the time. During this time we are also, unknowingly I must admit, spiritually honouring mythical deities connected to the Sun.

The Chinese New Year celebrates the cycle of the Moon, from new moon to full moon, again its worship that recognises the rebirth of the 'Moon', again the people are too full of material greed and ego to notice what is going on at the time just like the western world is when we worship the rebirth of our Sun at our New Year. Worshipping the Sun & Moon is indirect worship of those we are told created the Sun & Moon.

We wrongly think that only westerners celebrate the rebirth of the sun and deities like Jesus at Christmas. This is not the case as the Chinese people that are scattered in Chinatowns across the world join in our New Year celebrations too. Indeed the Chinese set more fireworks off during western New Year celebrations on the 31st December than the westerners do (not going that deep today folks!). Obviously the same Chinatowns around the world also carry out their own New Year celebrations in February but in all western cities. Therefore they are combined celebrations because we ALL accept, and therefore willingly, carry out both celebrations. What? Are you saying you don't willingly allow the Chinese Lunar Rituals to take place in your city or country?
In other words 'We willingly endorse both rituals'. We accept and respect both the 'Western Sun Ritual' and we accept the 'Eastern Moon Ritual'. The collective consciousness of human race also willingly worship the symbolic deities connected to these rituals. They give pride and love to the symbolic deities and just like I explained through the symbolic diamond ring story earlier in that pride and respect go to the providers and creators of symbolism involved.

Don't forget (if you were watching) that I explained in previous articles and books that emotional respect creates spiritual energy. So emotional respect for the New Year celebrations creates spiritual energy for those that created and provided the symbolism surrounding the New Year celebrations. Multi-dimensional forces don't go down to McDonalds for their food, indeed, they get you to create a far better food! Anyway...
Who created the symbolic Sun and Moon deities of the 'underworld' that we unknowingly but willingly worship at the New Year festivals? It is the 'Serpent Cult' of course. The Serpent Cult, as I have said many times, are multidimensional entities that are alien to this world and their human puppets living on Earth.

Every time these events happen and we willingly join in or simply accept them, the emotional pride and love we give to the New Year events changes into spiritual energy and then passes through the symbolism and feeds its creators. Emotional respect through pride and love creates spiritual energy. A similar energy can be created through fear and anger but that energy also goes to the creators and providers of the symbolism that created the symbolism that created the fear and anger.
It is so simple to understand once you grasp the methods that are being used. It’s all deceptive trickery and we need to wake up to prevent this world and the souls in it from becoming trapped eternally in a physical and spiritual prison.

Anyway how can I convince you that the Chinese 'Lunar' New Year is really a Festival of Light just like the western New Year is a Festival of Light and it takes place simply so the masses will unknowingly worship the major symbolic deities of the 'underworld' and surrender spiritual energy to their creators (Entities alien to this world). (As I said in my last article the underworld is also known as the Lower Fourth Dimension) It’s simple because at the end of the 15 days of the Chinese celebrations (The eve of the full moon) The Chinese have what translates as a 'Lantern Festival'. Obviously you don't need to be clever to work out those words mean 'Festival of Light'.

Indeed during the last night of celebrating the Chinese Festive season there is a massive act of 'illumination'. It’s the same scam folks. Obviously the Chinese New Year is not the best subject to create a lot of interest and I only wrote this article to compliment my article on the western New Year celebrations. In my opinion if the collective consciousness of the human race can start to comprehend that a very small group of puppets are deceiving the human race into carrying out symbolic rituals, that do not mean what we are 'told' they mean, then life in this world and beyond can change in a massive way. If we can begin to start to realise that millions of human beings have been cleverly deceived into actually respecting and loving the very 'symbolism' that enslaves us then we can 'begin' to break free from the trickery and be free again.

When we are conned into worshipping religious figures like Jesus and Buddha the respect we have for these illusionary figures goes to the creators and providers of these illusionary figures. When we are conned into worshipping figures from mythological worlds like Janus then the 'subconscious' respect we have for these figures also goes to the creators and providers of these mythological figures.

These symbolic figures have been placed in our minds, through many methods and YOU really don't have a clue how it is all done. The New Year events, both eastern and western, are just scratching the surface to the things that are going on. The symbolic rituals, we are tricked into carrying out, have been placed in our physical lives. This in turn strengthens the power that the figures in our mind have over us because we continually carry out the rituals that endorse their power over us. We are literally creating our own enslavers and freely giving our enslavers power over us simply because we cannot see what is going on.. We have given our minds away.

We are passing on our spiritual energy through the symbolism we have been told is good for us but it is in fact the opposite and bad for us, but because we gave away our minds we can't think enough to see through the illusion and the deception. The Chinese physically worship their symbolic Gods through their New Year celebrations and the western world physically worships their symbolic gods through their New Year celebrations. Neither side can see that they are both carrying out joint rituals that enslave them and that they provide energy to the same force.

That is the scale of the deception going on in this world and that is the scale of the collective 'lost minds' of a sad and pathetic human race of slaves that are under the spell of a deceptive symbolic Serpent. To break the Serpents Spell as I call it, I believe we need to symbolically throw its engagement ring (mentioned earlier) back at it.

To find the strength to do that we will need to start to question all the symbolism that is surrounding our lives and dictating to us how we live. It is so easy to throw back a symbolic 'engagement' ring when you realise that it was a liar who gave it to you under false pretences in the first place. And that is, in my opinion, exactly what the Serpent Cult has done to the human race, it gave us symbolism under false pretences. The time will come when you get the chance to carry on wearing the Serpent's engagement ring or throw it away. The choice will be yours.
If I can get to see the Crescent I will make sure you get to see the whole of the moon. That, my friends, is a vow I will never break. I thank you for reading this article.

May love reign o'er you all
Thank you
Matthew Delooze
7th February 2008
ALL TEXT Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2008. All Rights Reserved.

Every precious dream and vision underneath the stars
You climbed on the ladder with the wind in your sails
You came like a comet - blazing your trail
Too high-Too far-Too soon
YOU saw the whole of the moon!
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i hope more people pay attention to this. cruelly sad when people don't know how their energy is being stolen.
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I wholehearteadly agree. If you want to read some more articles by the same author you can click on my forum name and read the threads ive posted under it for the last 2-3 Days
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Originally Posted by sundeep View Post
I wholehearteadly agree. If you want to read some more articles by the same author you can click on my forum name and read the threads ive posted under it for the last 2-3 Days

an interesting thing i've seen through the last year or so is how many people like to start wearing the japanese "superdry" clothing series....if only they realised it's some kind of joke being played on them because their energy being stolen from them, especially western countries:



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Hey guys, just stopping by to fill you in that matthews delooze´s full body of works is now online on his own website:


if you liked this article, make sure to go there and read some of his other articles.

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