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Default Towers Video 1


Note, the channel drawing toward the end of this video needs replacing, but I thought I'd share it anyway because the perimeter movement and lack of movement in areas is very telling, and is something I will be adding to in the near future.

The main observation I am making so far is that the antenna in WTC1 cannot move independently whilst the hat truss is structurally viable, and the hat truss cannot be being destroyed by anything impacting it from above. Meaning that there are 2 simultanious failures around the hat truss, and somewhere below floor 96 in the core, quickly followed by a failure at the transfer trusses framing into the corners of the core structure and also the perimeter corners.

I think the technical term for that is controlled demolition.
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This should play from 10 mins in. Huge explosion heard across the Hudson before collapse. Not something heard so clearly in other videos closer to the building. Large smoke cloud from the plane entry line.

This is what controlled demolition experts say is the final primer or explosive nudge to get things in motion.

Other weird anomalies. Same video below is set to play from 9.44. At 9.50 look just above the word center into the clouds and you will see a flash of light. This is around 45 seconds before the North Tower collapse.


The main video is about the helicopters circling the Trade Centre. One can be observed as if it has shot something inside it.
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