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Default 2020 .......... the Global Awakening

There are very few year numbers that have any meaning or resonance in the mass mind ... In fact there are none I can think of.

2019 .... 2024 .... 2027 ... 2033 ... none of them have any associations or 'ring any bells'

With one exception .. 2020 ... you say 2020 to most people and it has an association ... 2020 Vision

This number has come to indicate someone who has perfect eyesight , can see everything clearly.

And isn't that what the awakening is all about , humanity seeing things clearly for the first time ... realizing there is a secret controlling cabal .. the vaccines are poisoned ...that there are ET's all around us .. and an SSP with unbelievably advanced tech ... this new understanding is also called full disclosure.

Many believe this new clarity of vision or awakening is about to occur very soon, and it won't be a long drawn out affair , it will coincide with the shift in vibration as we enter a new region of the galaxy .. and it will transform humanity overnight , certainly within a year ...

How appropriate then if this awakening were to happen in 2020..

Just the associations humanity already has with this number will 'set up stresses in the ether' (so to speak) ...increase the probability that the awakening will occur in 2020 .

But there are many other factors involved.
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