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Default Some Basic Truth to Open the Mind - 9

The responsibility of the Conscious Mind is, essentially, to process the 5-Senses & the Now (Space/Time) information…

Although, it (the Conscious Mind) is subject to the condition known as “Freewill”, neurologically, is “wired” to vibrate according to its Truth properties….

For without such Truth properties, any vibration or energy capable of disturbing the Neurons and their frequencies, e.g. negative energy, in the form of an “illness” or a “headache”, etc, means, for as long as the Mind exists, so too will that negative energy, illness, headache, etc exist…

Cancer, being one such example, whereby, neurons responsible for such DNA or genetic structures/programming, i.e. the Oncogenes & the Cancer Suppressor Genes, have been disturbed, and because at this level the Mind may require assistance to redress such imbalances, unless it actually gets that assistance, “forces” the Mind to process such imbalances, i.e. cancer cells, which case, the Mind literally kills itself, and needless to say, also the Body…
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