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Originally Posted by decim View Post
ah OK.

So what does that mean? You don't approve?

I like to find alternative meanings in words, phonetics, grammar, syllables and such in the English Alphabits etc...there's a cypher hidden...my posts made in this fashion are a personal record of such expeditionary thoughts and are not exclusive...there's no bad intent or maliciousness in these posts...we've all got our pet subjects etc...like'em or lump'em, there's always ignore..andy...
Well, put it this way.
This post you made here I can understand
It's not so much about whether I like it or not as I can't have an opinion on it if I can't read it
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Originally Posted by dreamweaver View Post
Just bumping this thread up as a reminder of how a mainstream UK newspaper ran a series of picture stories about "Operation Blackjack", which featured a false flag nuclear incident in London. At some point, someone who claimed to be one of their executives signed up on here to taunt board members about it.

Very odd behaviour indeed...
Ya, wisely bear or something? Idiot.

Aww, isn't this cute? (I'm in dowtown Toronto)...

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what are your guys' thoughts on this?


writer from britain
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Originally Posted by savoir View Post
This thread was fantastic. . .
I suppose I am what you would call a 'lurker'. I vow to participate more.
So, the OP - Free at last - IS Justin Williams AND Wisleybear!!!
I am probably too late to blow anyone's mind.
Am I wrong?
The photo of Free at last is a picture of a junior Editor at the Telegraph, none other than Justin Williams. It was established on this thread that Wisleybear and JW are either working together or the same person.

What ever happened to the interest in this this thread?

Today is June 18.

Let's see what will happen!!
A rare post indeed

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