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Default Does "Torah" Mean "Tara"

And has "Tara" been changed to mean "Terror"?

I've recently read a group email about someone listening to speeches by GWB in the early days of the Iraq invasion, where he was hearing him say "War on Tara", and thought, "Wow, what a strange Texas accent".

Further research led this person to find that "Tara" is the opposite of "Terror". Tara is from the Irish word meaning "love", "compassion", etc., and may even be the same word as "Terah" used for the father of Abraham in the OT.

However, I diverge from this person's research in that the patriarchs of the OT are not the ones on the side of "Tara", but of "Terror". I believe "Terror(ism)" must have come from a perversion of this word.

In the same article was mention of Jehoshua Pandera, thought by some to be the Historical Jesus. The article said this was "Jesus Ben Tara" from Ireland.

Not sure about ANY of it at this point, but thought it interesting if it's true Bush was saying "War on Tara" as in "We are against love and compassion"!
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Good theory, it can also be heard as 'War on TERRA', i.e. War on earth, War against the earth. I have no doubt about the links between Tara and Torah etc. So much stuff connects to Ireland.
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Torah comes from Tarot like most things.
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