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Default Come on – the uk election was rigged! Right?

Weeks on, and with the total and utter submission of the Labour Party, with the total obedience of a compliant press and the apathy of a beleaguered public; The Nasty Conservative Party have pulled off the biggest rigged election in British political history.

As reported by Spectator Magazine-

At 6.30 p.m. on 7 May, the Camerons invited guests at their home in Oxfordshire into the garden for a drink. Everyone stood on the patio, wrapped up in coats and shawls and drinking wine. They were understandably nervous. The Prime Minister had prepared a resignation statement and read it out to the assembled gathering.

Read more: http://guerrillademocracy.blogspot.c...as-rigged.html
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Elections are always 'rigged' if your side loses; it's human nature to think so.
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Is it a bit solipsistic in here or is it just me?

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I'd call it rigged if there was a decent party to vote for. Theres just the tories and the lib dems, what would be the point rigging it. The future is greece with labour, so they're finished. The greens are basically green labour.
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12.6% of the population voted UKIP and were left with 0.2% of a seats between them all but the dems had 8.3% of the vote and got 1.2% of the seats in first past the post.

The laws of averages says that the election was fixed given both parties have hot spots all over the country.

SNP was a fluke and i don't question the reasons why they won so many seats but the maths does not add up for UKIP no matter how you look at it.
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It wasn't rigged.
FPTP is a brutal system but it's the one we use.
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