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The exploitation of africa didn't start with 'the british'

there was a network across europe of knights templar. In portugal that network called itself the 'knights of christ' and when the templars were kicked out of the levant by the muslims they set up camp on cyprus and turned to piracy raiding the muslim shipping in the med

in portugal the templars had people like 'henry the navigator' in their ranks and they pushed out exploration both south around the western seaboard of africa but also across the ocean to the americas

the templars and jewish financiers/merchants opened the avenues for the slave trade and also for the sugar trade the triangular trade of which became the notorious 'transatlantic slave trade' which displaced so many people and murdered many too

jewish and templar merchants in holland and on islands in the med managed sugar processing plants which financiers behind the dutch central bank and the bank of england financed the operations

the rothschilds financed the east india company and also cecil rhodes who was the front man for the de beers diamond company that exploited african labour to dig for diamonds
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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