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Default jupiter and venus the father and son

just rereading children of the matrix suprising how much slips thru the memory concerning the smaller details .In the early chapters david mentions Brian Desborough who worked for Boeing he was part of a group of physicists who made a study privately of anaomolies on earth and other planets in our solar system .There conclusions fitted well with velikovsky's work and that of james churchward who wrote books about lemuria atlantis based on records of he saw in asian monesteries going back tens of thousands of years , have read his books worth reading if you can get hold of them .Anyway they all seemed to propose that originally the earth and mars where in different places and earth was much closer to the sun than now , giving a hotter climate and being more suited to black skinned race .This would fit the olmec and other technological societies of pre history .Then there was a cataclysm where a giant body jupiter is proposed crashes into our solar system and destroys a planet , what we now know as the asteriod belt .They theorise that venus was part of jupiter and it broke away and went into an orbit around the earth as ancient societies have records of the planets without venus at certain dates the nlater tribes include it .This all fits in with pole shifts and ice ages etc and with the mayan calendar birth of venus and the reason for their claendar system. So as jupiter was to the ancients the God Zeus and that to some is a reference to jesus he zeus if part of it broke away as venus which is associated with jesus and lucifer as morning and evening star , then is this where the idea of God sending his Son to earth ,
his only beggoten son to save us ? is this the knowledge the ancients had and what the illuminati keep from us now , also this would fit in with a second coming if whatever compelled the planet into our solar system in the first place was due to return at the end of the venus claendar cycle of the mayans .Whilst it might cause untold destruction as in gods judgement it could of been peorcieved as saving us from ourselves by stopping us in our tracks against the anti spiritual direction we where taking and are taking once again discuss
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