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Doesn't this idea still involve the earth revolving round the sun but just in a different way?
Like the outer atoms of a frisby are revolving around the central atoms but at the same time they are all spinning through the air.
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Of course it does. People are just shocked to think three dimensionally.
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His theory sounds interesting. Always wondered if this entire multiverse was being powered by a massive blackhole. Considering every galaxy appears to have a blackhole at it's centre, maybe that's where all information is stored & processed, beyond the singularity.

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How can astronomers view other galaxies and hope to see anything of interest in the time they are observing them except by anything other than a fluke? The developmental history of galaxies takes far too long for any of our feeble short-lived observations to be able to gather useful information. Can anyone name me ANYTHING of practical interest or use that has been learned by observing distant galaxies? As to our own galaxy, I'd expect we would have had to be observing our path around the galactic centre for at least one revolution before we could say with any certainty what we might expect to occur at different stages in our solar system's journey.
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