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Originally Posted by limesub View Post
7 billion?

how may followers hath he lol

hes an info peddler in this bountiful period of lost

I love people with high standards and empathy for those who are climbing
Yeah he's not in tune with the need to uplift humanity and is fixated on his message.

But you cannot lift humanity with empathy alone.
Love for All All for Love

"If the Universe was left to be created by an Atheist we would still have nothing"

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Default Anyone have experience with this site?

I came across this site; Holographic Disclosure on Youtube and enjoyed it and found it agreed with much of David Ickes philosophy. I wanted to know who produced the videos and found John Allen is the producer. John Allen is connected to a corporation called Manitcore Group which is a multinational with many different companies working with Global militaries, chemical, mining and more. I don't understand why a multinational corporation would produce this kind of video.

My questions is, does any reader have experience with the associated companies; Powermind-Subliminal, Secret Key Activator, Holographic Disclosure or Manticore Group? I'd be interested in knowing your experience, recommendation or criticism. I'd appreciate any response.
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i dunno. glad you posted this because someone is posting those videos in other forums.. currently..

lol seeing how 'power mind-subliminal' is associated potentially with that video.. i aint watching any more.. lol.. or might listen to a bit to try get a feel of the frequencies and to avoid other things with similar feels..

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hi ive found manticore online but not john allen??

manticore group looks like an interesting site.. its revealing ebola psy op and other things..

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Originally Posted by optimalunity View Post
I only hold others to the standards I hold for myself. Michael needs to meditate more. And come up with some answers for humanity and it is nothing to do being your sovereign self. The questions is what to do when you have attained your sovereignty for your self but have 7 billion companions who are aimless.

Telling them to be sovereign aint going to cut it.
You cannot lead anyone to sovereignty until you are sovereign yourself. Real civilization is always a win-win dialectic between sovereign individuals who are not cut-off from the synergy of their social group. Extreme individualism, as often seen in today's society, is a defensive overreaction to a rigged system that stifles most people's creativity. The group usually sacrifices creativity for material wealth, the individual material wealth for creativity. This is a neurotic state of things. Not organic. Not natural but programmed this way. People have to decondition from this bullshit. Without healthy individuals there can never be healthy group interactions, never mind healthy societies that kick the win-lose parasites in the balls at every opportunity instead of becoming the dupes of their absurd farces and PsyOps.

When only 5% of a people share core principles, rational or irrational, then that translates into the possibility of every 20 people having the proper leadership they need to revise their core principles and act on them for true change to follow. Of course, "true change" does not automatically translate into a healthy or productive change unless the core principles are rational and in-line with what nature (the dictator of all dictators) dictates.

I think most of Tsarion's principles are quite rational and inline with nature and he has led many thousands of people in the right direction.

All YOU and I have to do is lead 20 people. That's not very hard is it? Just 20 people.

In fact, you might already have changed a few core principles of others online if you posted good stuff that they read without knowing about it. You might already have 20 people following your leadership IF you have shown a consistent level of honesty and integrity.

Contrary to popular belief, there are LOTS of people in the market for integrity. I am in the market for integrity. I give my time and money (the same thing in the end) to those non-conformists who have the most integrity. Tsarion is one. I don't agree with everything he says, certainly not that ridiculous crap about Hitler and Mussolini being 'British agents,' but on most of his core principles I have no argument. I have never bought any of his DVD's but I have given him hundreds of hours of my time and I've spread his audios and information far and wide.

By the way, Tsarion exposing the holohoax on his website is the main reason his close friend Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio has gone in the direction he has in the past year, culminating in all of Red Ice Creations getting banned from I-Tunes for having Dennis Wise on. It is also the reason why you will probably never see Tsarion back on the Alex Jones show again, since it is no secret who Jones's advertisers are.

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A Vindication Of Moral Liberty


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