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Default 'Underground' MEANS another DIMENSION.

Originally Posted by king triad View Post
The only ets in Afghanistan are the Taliban ...don't believe everything you read...
YES some jinn/e ts /reptilians maybe went deep down in the earth or underground bases
BUT they are in another dimenison .Ppl keep failing to mention that.

Leading average jo blow ppl to believe they can go see a physical alien underground.

There are probably physical underground bases with humans in them, but not aliens.

This woman just confirmed what i already knew and experienced: Ellen Guiley


But its freaky cuz some of those little shit aliens can manifest pretty dam physical and be in your face. I had experiences with THOSE types in 1994. 2004.
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Not to disprove the argument of this thread, but....

If there were underground bases in Afghanistan, then why did the USAF use mini nukes in the form of DU based daisy cutter bombs?

The DU pollution alone would make it nigh on impossible for any military personnel to safely access any underground base for tech salvage without being exposed to extreme radiation poisoning on par with Fukushima workers.

Also there hasnt been any consistent UFO reports in that part of the world. Ever.

(Note to mods; Could we transfer this thread to the UFO sub-forum?)
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