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Default Unknown "Monster" Proven Real?

A heretofore unknown "creature" has apparently been discovered in Mexico. Numerous stories about this creature surfaced in June of 2009 after it was revealed during the "UFO Conference 2009" in Nevada, USA. The story was not included here because the veracity of the story seemed doubtful.

However, recently the History Channel's MonsterQuest program put the creature's mummified remains under a series of scientific tests. These tests included MRI scans of the creature as well as DNA tests of the creature's skin, bone and hair and the results are surprising (revelations of the DNA tests of the creature can be found at minute marker 6:41.)

(continued at: http://goldenagetoday.com/department...ves-to-be-real )

(link from rense.com)
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well according to those tests its either

a) an actual alien
b) a completely new species with totally different DNA to everything else on the planet
c) a genetic mutation
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wow intresting, i will watch it abit later,

Dont be fooled.
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Originally Posted by size_of_light View Post
revelations of the DNA tests of the creature can be found at minute marker 6:41.
Isn't it possible for DNA sequences to be artificially created with modern technology?
So EVEN if the DNA was proven not to match ANY life on planet earth, it would be possible that some scientist created the DNA and then created the dead/fake animal with that DNA injected throughout the material/flesh/whatever.

So I don't think it would prove 100% for sure. (Due to advancement of modern technology).
In 50 years maybe they will be able to completely sequence DNA to create animals 100% from scratch!
Maybe in the far future quantum computing could even be used to devise the DNA sequencing to best achieve a designed creature with minimum genetic material and minimum time to develop the design without needing to actually true the DNA to see if it works.

If that animal was still ALIVE that would definitely add a lot of weight to the proof.
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