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Originally Posted by zsymon View Post
I guess we just have different definitions of the word illusion. I don't see
everything that stops existing in that form at some point, as illusion. I see
an illusion as something that is meant to deceive.

Physical reality is not just some phantom conjured up to deceive, hence it
is not an illusion. That is how I see it anyway.

If something is an illusion just because it changes, then everything in this
existence is illusory, because nothing ever stays the same forever. A soul
is immortal for example, but it still changes, evolves and grows, it doesn't
stay the same.
Ergo I am the architect I created the Matrix.
Your past lies before me.

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I don't think we are ever supposed to know who we were in past incarnations, anyway, despite having the same spirit in us we would have been very different people living in very different social circumstances, perhaps even different planets.
One clue is: What are your innate skills and talents?
How could you have honed them?
What are your tastes? Specific likes and dislikes?
All these things could be clues to your previous incarnations.
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I don't think knowing about past lives is relevant unless you are in a situation that doesn't make sense and you struggle to get out of it. But just for curiosity... nah.

IMO certain past lives are activated during your lifetime, those lives from which you can learn even more and possibly refine some traits, meet certain people from those specific lives in order to try and work things out with them. You meet some people life after life, people who try again and again to do things differently and more lovingly.

It is chilling when you see a mother hate one of her children and shower the other children with love. There has to be a karmic lesson to be learned, yet often people don't stop thinking why they hate one of their children without any logic. It's sad

To continue with the clues Twilight Sparkle gave:

Do you love or hate certain countries?

Do you meet people who you get along with from the beginning, as if you had known this person before even meeting him/her?

The following explains how just one thought during a whole lifetime can make it very valuable and important:

Years and years ago I was told about one past life, it was during a period when it had significance. It has been really painful to read about the Nazareth nuns, since it shows that things haven't changed

You were a small girl in Ireland when your father put you and your sisters in a home run by nuns, his only intention was to ensure that you get as close to God as possible.

You worked from morning to evening, scrubbing floors and washing laundry in a very hot water and the food you ate was donated and rotten. You also had to sleep on a very cold floor.

What makes this seemingly indifferent life so important and valuable is the thoughts it awakened in you.

You thought that you could serve God much better if you wouldn't have to work from morning to evening, you also questioned the nuns since they taught that everyone was equal, yet they ate the best food in front of others and they slept in warm rooms with carpets on the floor. You thought that if you were a nun then you would not take any priviliedges, you would work from morning to night, eat the same food everyone else ate, sleep on a cold floor just like others did and you would not be as mean as the nuns were.

You saw how nuns said prayers and thought that they only repeated the same things out of memory without any emotions and wondered if that really is the right way to pray.

You died when you were 30-years old because of the rotten food you had eaten for years.

What makes this life so valuable is that you learned to question things without taking them for granted. You saw the difference between a mechanic prayer and a prayer that comes from the heart. That was the lesson of that life, learning to question things when words and actions were in opposition.

That life made such a big impact on you that it shows even today.
Whoa, that life was told just as I had started to think about going into celibacy and thinking about what it would be like to live in a monestry.

It also explained some things that other people always found weird in me: Food has to be fresh, if it expires the same day then it goes to the trash. I don't even eat cheese or yoghurt etc. etc., because it's 'old' and I just can't eat it. I also can't put hands in very hot or very cold water.

And I'm famous for not believing things at first hand and for having my own truth.

But when reading about those poor children in church-run-homes it's staggering how things have not changed. Child labor, treatment that you might expect from the lowest of lowest scums - but definitely not from nuns or priests, how the church is a mockery of the religion and how such cruelty goes on inside God's house.

The church will have a damn lot to do if they are ever going to gain the trust back from people. This time the ball is in their court and it's up to them to decide if they still want to keep up the appearances and hypocricy or.... actually do something like make sure that paedos are exposed and jailed, acknowledge the victims and take full responsibility for what happened under their eyes.

Do they even realize the denial they are living in and how they have broken the celestial laws? They should rather worry for the life after death than over what they look like in people's eyes.
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I remember many past lives through The Church of Scientology. They are very real and none imaginary. It wasn't because I was on a mission to remember past lives. It was inadvertent, it was a natural occurrence, a side effect, to solving other problem in my life.

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Originally Posted by arcyclus View Post
I remember many past lives through The Church of Scientology. They are very real and none imaginary. It wasn't because I was on a mission to remember past lives. It was inadvertent, it was a natural occurrence, a side effect, to solving other problem in my life.
You're a scientologist?
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