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Default My Truth & Relgion Poem/acapella/rap

Hello Brothers and sisters...

Thank you for taking a minute to have a look at my thread...

Basically from the age of 13...10 years ago... i have always loved to write poems,freestyles,acappellas.etc you name it and ever since my knowledge and understanding has grown so has my choice of topics...

So i would love to share one with you and to get some feed back and for you to let me know what you think as i hardly express myself enough....


you can't face it, instead u erase it//
replace it with something basic//
with what the white race did to disgrace it//
Think you know it all...your more close to the outline like you traced it//
step in the circle and interlace it//
There is no God Higher than truth//
I worry for the uncouth youth miss guided by the untruth//
they would rather happy slapp, than worry about our dying habitat//
tit for tat every1 has the power to use there thinking cap..//
so i put my thought to the paper//
swapped the pen for a razor//
sliced the negative so the positve will crop later//
harvest the world my dreams and purpose//
hoping it will germinate the seed for change to surface//

Hope you enjoyed it and it made some sence but i think every1 may inturprit it in a different way!!

1 love
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Thumbs up

Salve est,me fratrem.

Its good.

Dont understand whut you mean though,here:
you can't face it, instead u erase it//
replace it with something basic//
with what the white race did to disgrace it//
did you check this album..

I used to write a bit too and recognized that accapella is much cooler cuz you dont have the boundaries of random beat and can freely express feelings over more than two lines and in a kind of klimax for example.The dis-advantage is though that you have to form the beat to the verses and that makes it very complicated.In the end though you have a very individual track of yours with all you in it..
Or double-speed rhymes for example make a song much more interesting.
Γνῶθι σεαυτόν

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cool shit man.

loved it.

loved it a lot.
'you tell me who won....i see them? they run'
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