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The truth is, in 'celebrity' and elite circles, this stuff is par for the course. It really is. Sadly, ordinary people get caught up in it, where life is cheap and instant gratification is everything. It's a (very lucrative) industry in and of itself... Epstein was just the tip of the iceberg...

...Bani gave me hundreds of names of celebrities, models, actresses who have all at one time or the other had sex for money. The thing is, he also had proof. For every single person there was a receipt or photos or some other kind of written record that tied that celebrity to being paid for sex.

I’m not sure how many names Bani went through in his books. At some points he would flip through pages like he was speed reading and other times he would slow down and even others completely stop what he was doing so he could elaborate on a person or a point I wanted him to clarify. Conservatively I say he gave me about 500 names. These names go back over four decades.

From the last twenty years I probably knew eighty percent of the names. Prior to that, they had to be a big name for me to know. I was shocked by some and not by others. One of them married a friend of mine. Do I tell him? Out of the 500, there were about a dozen that made my jaw drop. I actually knew about two of the dozen, but it was nice to actually know I had been right.

To see that paper in front of you that shows you that the sister of a Duchess manages to finance her life by frequent weekend visits to the Middle East and that the permanent A++ list celebrity who might be the biggest A++ list celebrity of all-time was not above some one on one time. Bani says that the latter person was at one point the highest paid person ever but that she has since been eclipsed by several others who don’t hold a candle to the A++ lister.
Read more (The Celebrity Sex Broker [Part One]): http://crazydaysandnights.net/2015/0...-part-one.html
Part 2:http://crazydaysandnights.net/2015/0...-part-two.html
Part 3:http://crazydaysandnights.net/2015/0...art-three.html
Part 4:http://crazydaysandnights.net/2015/0...part-four.html
Part 5:http://crazydaysandnights.net/2015/0...part-five.html
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A certain name has popped up a couple of times and google confirmed the story was out there.
I know what you mean about seeming like they were all at it back then but looking back to even when I was a child I couldn't really see the appeal of a few of them...Saville and Harris particularly stood out to me as of questionable talent and likeability, I understand now though sadly.
I've never really had any interest in the alleged perpetrator until quite recently really, thought he was a Genuine gentleman to be honest. In saying that though,he can answer his own case, I won't be looking to excuse the crime or dismiss his guilt. I would much rather empathise with the victim, who is one unless proven otherwise.
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yep I agree ooosh , people adults and children should be believed when they say they have suffered sexual abuse

while the accused must also be granted the obvious innocent until proven guilty, it is vital for people who have suffered abuse that people believe them if they are ever expected to move on with their life and try living without carrying that burden around
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