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Default New, brighter, curtain penetrable, street lamps.

Almost as if over night, without me noticing any manual construction or enhancement method by any individual, no tools, no ladder, not even a workman's van, the street lights in my street changed colour and ultimately, changed brightness. What used to be a dull orange light which barely lit up the ground directly underneath it, let alone the entire street collectively, has dramatically transformed into an overpowering, overbearing, obnoxious light that penetrates right the way through my blinds (which I was forced to pull down to recreate the darkness within my room I once had), and straight through my black double layered curtains, leaving my room in, let's just say, less than dark circumstances. These lights, instead of producing intervals of darkness in between each street light combine together, creating a street fully illuminated. I've had countless sleepless nights since these lights have appeared and I was just wondering whether anybody has noticed any changes in their street lighting, or whether they have any theories, or reasons as to why this sudden shift may have occurred?

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Yes orange sodium lamps in my area have been changed to white led multi-lamps containing 15 or so very bright white leds. They make the road and footpath look as if they are covered in a layer of white frost. I did see the work take place.

The light emitted is totally unnatural and is very hard on the eyes.
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I did hear those yellow sodium lights caused depression.

Its amazing how we take street lighting for granted, imagine if it was not there.
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before & now
the same here
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