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Default UFO's: The USAF & the Billion Dollar Secret -Video

I'm not sure if this video has been posted here before, however the following video is not the standard UFO conspiracy theory video; it is a one hour and 40 minute documentary by Nick Cook, an editor for "Jane's Defense Weekly." Essentially the argument and evidence in the film leads to the conclusion that U.F.O's are essentially advanced technology produced by the U.S. military.

Personally I tend to think that much of the UFO conspiracy theory information is encouraged by the US military as "disinformation" to cover their secret technology and black military operations; this is also stated in the video.

Alien Abductions, Cattle Mutilations & U.S. Military Psyops

"Alien Abductions" may well also simply be abductions by the US military. Another position suggested by a "cattle mutilation" researcher in the video is that the culprits of animal mutilation could easily just take the entire animal, but rather they leave the evidence behind; he suggests that this is deliberately to spread fear, and it is an atmpsophere of mass of "fear and control" which is to the advantage of the US police state. One testimonial in the video relates to the sighting of a black helicopter at the time of cattle mutilation, suggesting that the culprits may be closer to home

Unseen World.

In addition to "visible" UFO sightings, a recent development has been the use of infra red lenses which pick up geometrically shaped craft which cannot be seen with the naked eye, nor photographed with a standard lense; the US military have also been working on "cloaking" technology for many years. It seems that much of what we may consider "future science" or even "crackpot science" is actually current science, but kept under wraps by the US military.

Nick Cook: "The Billion Dollar Secret." (1 hour 40 mins.)


Nick Cook: "UFO's: The Secret Evidence" (1 hour 40 mins.)



"In Billion Dollar Secret, Cook makes a fairly strong case for his theory that some UFO reports in the American Southwest could be explained by deeply classified "black" aircraft and super advanced technology, perhaps as one interviewee suggests: "fifty years ahead of anything you can imagine." Cook points out that the US Defence Department "black budget" (money used to fund expenditures it does not want to disclose publicly) has been estimated to be about $30 billion annually, more than enough for the "black world" to build their own UFOs. Further, on September 10, 2001, US Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld admitted to the media that amazingly: "According to some estimates, we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions...........

With that kind of money at the US Defence Department's disposal, almost anything becomes feasible, even, as Nick Cook suggests in his book, ultra secret antigravity aircraft. The idea that the US military could have developed some new form of advanced technology in secret, such as antigravity, may sound fantastic, but it is not that unlikely when you consider that it has already happened once with stealth technology.

When stealth aircraft were still denied to exist and even thought impossible by most people, F-117 stealth fighters were already flying over the American Southwest. According to Cook's The Hunt for Zero Point, one even crashed at Bakersfield, California in 1986, two years before they were unveiled to the public. So the US military may well have other denied aircraft in the sky today and perhaps similar crashes of "black" military projects could explain some of the many alleged UFO crashes over the last sixty years. In Cook's second documentary UFOs: The Secret Evidence, he speculates that the famous Roswell UFO incident could be such a case...........

It is Cook's book and second documentary that really deserve our attention. In these, Cook explored what is known in the defence business as "The Legend," that the Nazis had invented flying saucers in the dying days of the Second World War and that, after the war, the Allies captured them.

On the face of it at least, "The Legend" does provide a beautiful and down to Earth explanation for the origins of UFOs. We do Know that the Nazis were perhaps decades ahead of the Allies in terms of jet aircraft and rocket weaponry, and that, after the war, the Allies did capture a great deal of technology and personnel from Germany (for instance V-2 rockets and Wernher von Braun). We also know that the Nazis did have some exotic designs and ideas for aircraft and that, during the war, some very mysterious aerial phenomena was seen in the skies over Europe, such as the famous foo fighters. Further, soon after the captured German scientists arrived in the American Southwest after the war to work, the modern UFO era began and, in July 1947, a flying saucer allegedly crashed near Roswell, New Mexico........."


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