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Default Bio Scans in Schools

Bio scan methods are being rolled out throughout the UK in our schools. The latest being the dinner hall. Each child will be scanned to log what food they order and their choices will be made available over the internet for the parents to read and advise.

What has happened to the well tried and tested methods of the 60' & 70's that cost the tax payer nothing? In those days you had to get permission to leave the school grounds at lunch time and bring in sandwiches to be excused from a school meal.

School meals were basic British food with no beef burgers in sight! Chips were on a Friday!

Bio scan equipment is 'very' expensive especially on the scale of roll out intended. Supermarkets cash in on children being allowed out at lunch time selling them junk food.

Being as most, if not all, government officials have multi interests in the business community its easy to see why this method is being pushed forward. Supermarkets would take a large loss if children were kept on the grounds during their lunch break.

The more sinister side of this is latest scam based on technology being 'cool' for the kids to use is the bio data could be sold or used at a later date when the children have become adults.

This process would also desensitize them into being scanned everywhere they go as adults and accepting the 'chip' or tattooed bar code at a later date.

Here are some of the reactions in the press so far, please add more and ask questions at your child school before its too late and our children are chip and pinned! Then will be chips with everything, even the children!



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To overturn the negative perception of biometrics as a “big brother” technology and to position VeriCool’s application as a safe solution for schools............


Changed public opinion by:

Generating positive local coverage on schools purchasing VeriCool’s cashless catering solutions, positioning them as forward thinking and notifying parents about the strict DCSF guidelines to which they adhered.
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