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Originally Posted by codie View Post
Aliens are bald midgets
Some of them
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“An idea behind using cover stories, such as religious or new age, is to encapsulate the opposition
into a state of inability to identify the real perpetrators.” ~Quote from my upcoming book
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Originally Posted by zsymon View Post
As far as I know, beings elevated over others, such as angels, archangels
or ascended masters, simply do not exist. All Light beings, this includes
Jesus Christ, are completely equal. All Light souls have roughly the same age,
because they were created around the same time during Creation.

All Light beings have the same knowledge and wisdom, the same power
and talent and potential. The only difference between Light souls, is the
type of Healing Gifts they have developed, and the mebmories they have
aqcuired through experience and incarnations, simply through existing.

Another difference is the task we have been given when we incarnated.
You or me had the same ability to play the role of Jesus Christ, this soul
is no different than you or me, but he had the task to let Light flow
through him freely and unhindered, and therefor this chance to bring Light
to Earth and wisdom and knowledge through actions and words, was
given to him, but it could have been given to any Light soul, we are all

There is a constant struggle between the Light, that restores the flow
of Light, and the non light, that tries to block the flow of Light, and to
create harm where it can. However, there is no war or fighting going
on between two armies.. the Light never uses violence, anger or any
kind of negativity when it deals with the non light. It only uses unconditional
love, compassion and forgiveness energies, to maintain the flow of Light
around them or the place they are restoring to Light.

The Light does not wage war.. the Light only loves and restores to Light
and to wholeness. There are Light Healers on Earth, many of them have
awakened, and they heal the wounds of both the Light and the non light.
Even Zeus, one of the leaders of the non light on Earth, has come to my
mentor for healing, and she has given it to him, she has restored his
wounds and released his blockages. The Light holds no grudge, it does
not hate, it does not get angry or impatient, it only heals and restores,
it only loves, forgives and shows compassion. Through the energy of pure
unconditional love we defend ourselves from the non light, because when
that energy is around us, or around a space, they cannot come there
and they cannot cause harm.
Ok, this is a great message no doubt, with a few nice things, but this is also the obnoxious bs new age fluff that is such a hindrance to study.

None of this is verifiable, it's all a belief. As metaphor maybe it has lesson value, but as a statement as to how things are it's ludicrous we'll wishing. So tired of this fluff
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what is it with humans that they can't handle the existance of alien life but find fairy stories easier to cope with?

fallen angels ARE aliens. gods /god of the bible are ALIENS.

they're all ALIENS.....
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Originally Posted by snakesnladders View Post
what is it with humans that they can't handle the existance of alien life but find fairy stories easier to cope with?

fallen angels ARE aliens. gods /god of the bible are ALIENS.

they're all ALIENS.....
Fairy stories are instructive and tend to allow the reader to lose themselves and suspend disbelief.

Most fairy stories have been handed down for generations with analogies that are applicable to current times in that they give us food for thought and are instructive as well as entertaining.

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Originally Posted by rwederfoort View Post
What else is there to say, these Fallen ANGELS, have craeted all these Identeties to keep Humanity BUSY,

But my question to them is HOW LONG do you think the BALL can keep ROLLING in your side of the COURT,

ALL ISSUES are related , and planned by these FALEN ANGELS.

ANY Issue you bring up, is THEM, even as I AM typing they KNOW, That their TIME is NEAR,

Every time you capitalize a whole word I hear it screamed in my head 0.o
Yes the fallen angel or "Demonic" view is quite common and popularized by people like Jacque Vallee. While I believe some ETs are no doubt evil entities, there are others who act benevolent towards humanity without much benefit for themselves.
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Originally Posted by deafbred View Post
the other day i had a dream in the early morning that was so vividly surreal

in my dream i had a camera and was trying to photograph alien space craft that were in the air in my back yard. at one point one was close enough and i tried to get it to see me and communicate with it. i hoped over a fence into the neighbors backyard feild where their horses graze. as soon as my feet hit planted on the ground, a light from the space craft shown on me. i looked up and an alien green dude started to decend from the ship light. he stood infront of me and out of no where it seems there were more aliens that started wanted to encircle me, but i turned around and kept my eye on them. one seemed to be mischivous and evil. the first one that decended from the light seemed nice and empathetic and i could tell would be willing to help me if i communicated.

in this dream at that point of the whole alien interaction and jumping over the fence, there was a great sort of fear but i kept it in check and was able to go about the dream aware and in control. while everyone was running and my whole family where hiding, i was out trying to confront and obtain sight or contact with the alien presence in the sky.

i never in my whole life had an alien dream. when i woke up, it felt like there was a presence in the room. like entities. i looked over my shoulder and in a i guess was a half awake half asleep state, (though i was awake and moving in my bed to look over to the other side of the room..) i visualized my dream right infront of my eyes and a camera that i filmed the experience with in my dream manifested before me and i got to watch again the dream that i filmed on the camcorder of the aliens when i was in my dream.

i was awake though, at this point but still .. experiencing the dream as though i were asleep and reliving it. sept i was replaying the digital camerea video of the aliens. sooo weird, like it was real right there in front of me but i was totally concious that i was awake. it was sort of like that feeling you get, when your awake during the day and you get hints or clues (inclination) to a relived part of a dream you had while you were sleeping at night.

and their voices (the alens) were like as i described to a friend who i told of the dream, were like, that charachter from the Lord of the Rings movie who is animated and skitzofrenic who says "Precious, precious, my precious"

My precious! - YouTube

but sort of lower, and more mumbled and ..almost demonic but may or may not be really. prolly just the way they communicate..

anyways, i got this wheel im building in my room to fly to the moon. antigravity machine. perpetual motion. i think the aliens could be wanting to help me? ????? im not sure what those entities are or what...

if they are evil and its all demonic i could care less. cause i have power over these spirits by god lord jesus christ

i command them to leave, they leave. i did, when i looked over my room after i woke up and it felt like entities were in my presence. its difficult though, you can't let your fear get the best of you. or else, your powerless and can't act or even talk/speak a word- like a cat gotz your tongue. when i was in the dream,, though it was fearful, i approached and went up to the space craft by jumping over the fence and trying to get in their face as it were. and it succeeded cause they floated down from the craft when i sought them out.

i don't know, i just wanted to post this cause the topic is timley and i had a dream. maybe you individuals know things i don't. maybe you find this interesting.

but here is a video of that morning. it was raining around 5am and i turned on the light cause i was sort of scared a little in the dark, and filmed a little, and spun my orbit magnet wheel...

here it is

Sunday, September 27, 2009, 5:41:24 AM
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

oh an.. i think humans are angels, yes, i think fallen because.. as a child.. i was connected to god, but when i grew up, the world motivated me to "abandon the love i had at first" , and, i became fallen, detached from original core truth of who i was and am. so ensue- sin, guilt, fear, expect punishment, not perfected, stained, love brused. :\ the water drips, i wait for forgivness. im not perfect. im dying. i would have lived forever. the clouds roll through, waiting for eternal sunny day. love, a bridge. secure.
That's...creepy. When I was younger I recall a vivid dream in which an alien crashed into a specific area of my backyard. Since then - or before - I have been hesitant to approach that area and when I was a child certain images of aliens that reminded me of the dream or appeared similar creeped me out.
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Originally Posted by omnisense View Post
Some of them
I have heard this theory before and even looked into it a little, yet there is no evidence to support this idea. It seems like a very Christian egocentric belief to me!
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ancient aliens and fallen angels yes, see your point, however every scripture wipes them out in a flood or similar, so where they at now?
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