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Originally Posted by khepera2010 View Post
Try a Friday night or any day time for that matter in places like Wrexham, or Deeside, or Rhyl, or Llandudno, etc, then you'll see that it feels like half of eastern europe has descended on North Wales (not to mention a fair percentage of asia and africa). Have'nt been to Caernarfon for a fair few years now but I was in Bangor a few months back and if you're claiming that there are no ethnic minorities in the area, then you really are completely wrong.

Having worked in the private sector all my life, I can't comment on public sector workers and their jobs but my opinion has always been that our taxes are wasted anyway.
Bangor has two educational institutions for adults, one of which is the prestigious Bangor University - It's a student city. I have already mentioned student areas in Wales. There are people from all walks of life in Bangor - Large numbers of them are exchange students. They are paying tuition fees to study over here. It's not really immigration is it?

Rhyl feels like half of Europe live there? Really? We are talking about Rhyl here aren't we? Not London? You are sure now?

Llandudno has Llandrillo College and it's largely frequented by pensioners and tourists. I seem to remember that Wrexham and Deeside have their own educational institutions, although admittedly they are not as attractive to students from far and wide. Then again - you are getting out towards England in those areas.

It sounds to me like you have yet to experience the loving embrace of Anglesey council or the numerous forward thinking modern folk of the Llyn Peninsula. In certain areas it can get a bit scary for non-Welsh speakers. It's been like that as far back as I can remember. A lot of these places don't even have access to the internet. Some areas are genuinely living in a time-warp. Remember Royston Vasey in League of Gentlemen?

Many young Anglesey residents move to England as soon as they are old enough because there are simply no opportunities and the job market is a closed shop. At one point the council had to organize crisis talks to discuss 'depopulation' - That was in the last decade. That's a pretty rare thing in the UK.

Anyway - Weren't we discussing Nick Griffin and Panorama?

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