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Originally Posted by alienlabrat View Post
That's a comment as a player in the universal game at this low 3d level, not as someone analyzing it from detchaed view. You will never find me saying I love those beings with any sincerity at all in this lifetime. I hope they are wiped off the face of the Earth and very soon.

I have heard before that we "chose to come". I am open to this possibility but would like to see some actual proof. No benevolent ET has been willing to contact me and provide it.
I agree, about the 3-D viewpoint. It's a game... being able to know the whole picture but still reacting in a human way. It's weird and fascinating. But making sense to me.

As for the proof, you need to find it within yourself. Don't expect any external solutions. Once you realise this within, the confirmation will appear without.

Good luck on your quest mate!
Want to argue? Please read this first. Thanks!
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Now you are getting to answers....

You are coming back to the title of the thread!!!!

The player has free will but the observer sets up the game, the scenarios are set up by the detached observer. Our spirit, the observer is so vastly intelligent that it can predict us. It has so much information, including which side we got out of bed this morning, that it knows why we make apparently random choices of free will. It knows what we are going to do.

So it sets up learning scenarios in which we make free choices.

And when it comes to alien's in the past, they set up the game, so what. We are playing it.

Do you give up on a computer game just because somebody else wrote the software and you had no hand in it?

Aliens in the present? We have the free will to resist. They are a challenge, just like in the video game.

Our spirit, the detached observer chooses the level to make it interesting but not impossible. The worse the things are that happens to you, the more that your know that your spirit trusts in your abilities. It proves your hidden abilities.

The trick is to detach and align yourself with the observer. Once you understand what your observer wants and why, you are playing together, but it means that your 3D mind must give up control.
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Originally Posted by thefreeradical View Post
We're responsible for it bc we're here.
Resposibility is the ability to respond, not the assignment of blame. It doesn't matter who shat where and how sophisticated their shitting mechanism is, we're here today in this exciting time of dealing with it.

Because it was done TO the human species, the human species' way to empowerment is by choosing - no. Not this way. If the Pleiadeans and Andromedans come and clean up, we remain a juvenile species. This is how we learn about our power, in one way.

And why are people so quick to say that WE are a warlike species who pollute the planet, if the entire planetary prison matrix system was designed by entities who are not us?

Your frustration comes because you're seeing the 'real' human, the qualities inherent in humanity which have been dormant for the most part. I can see why humanity is viewed as a hostile race, we have been engineered that way therefore we do act like it. Bt I also see what you mean and you're right. For us to prove who we really are and earn a correct reputation, we go back to that 1st step of taking responsibility and reclaiming earth.
The human race is as you say, genetically engineered as a warrior species only as a side effect to being engineered to be a slave species. I on the other hand am not warlike and i have taken responsibility but no one else wants to join me apart from a handful to whom i am grateful. The point i am making is: If one makes a stand i will get knocked down but if we all make a stand then we all win, but most cannot be bothered, sad, isn't it.
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