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Default Mu Continent - James Churchwood

Before the written history, there was a continent on the Earth with highly advanced technology and culture. This continent was located in the Paciifc Ocean. As a result of natural disasters or conflict and the war with the other civilization. The remnants and records of this lost civilization has been transfered by Nacaal tablets to the present time.

James Churchward had the chance to read these tablets in India and noticed a highly advanced civilization which appeared 50.000 years ago. And the ancient civilizations which we call "advanced" like Aztecs, Maya, Egypt, Babylon were only the colonies of this continent.

His most important claim was that the Sun God Ra in Egypt had the roots from Mu civilization. The word "Rah" itself has the meaning of "Sun" according to the Nacaal tablets. In addition, the symbols that were used in Mu can also be seen now in many known civilizaitions.

In North America, the Pueblos, claim that their ancestors came with the ships from sunset. Churchwood also noticed that the ancestors of Pueblo People, "the Zuni tribe" have been disappeared with great flood and earthquakes.

And in ancient Maya tablet Troano ( can be seen in British Museum) it is recorded as " the creator has decided to destroy the continent (Kui) because the ones living on it started to became greedy, liar and evil, at first earthquakes started, than all columns carrying the continent had disappear and all region sanked into the fire. Than waters came and surrounded all continent". The ones who obeyed the prophecy of Ra-Mu could escaped to the other colonies however most of the rest had disappeared.

Troano continued that on the 6th Kan, and month Zac, it started on the 11th Muluc and continued until 13th Chuen. The Uxmal temple in Yucatan peninsula has been built in the memory of Mu Continent.

According to Churchwood, the sank of the continent Mu was a geographical event. The accumulated volcanic gases under the territory have exploded and caused huge earthquakes and finally tsunamis.
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I found another article about Churchward and Mu.

It quotes Tompkins (1976:36):
the similarity between Mexican and Egyptian pyramids, hieroglyphs, and calendars was too strongly indicative of the existence in the Atlantic of an intervening continent or group of islands, for which Plato's account of Atlantis fit the bill.
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Strangely enough I started reading this exact theory by James Churchwood a couple of days ago. It's certainly a interesting read so far I'm near the end of chapter 2.

What are peoples opinions on this document?
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People of Mu were called "children of the sun". They lived naturally and did not believe in the concept of posessions, much like Buddhist monks still live today. They could levitate and did not believe in the militerization that their distant cousins of Atlantis had. They were shorter more like people of today. The survivors of that event at about 26,000 years ago I believe -- moved to MT Shasta and took what was left of their knowledge and taught it to the Native Americans. Native Ameirican spirituality just happens to be a mirror of ancient Mu.


People of Atlantis were called "children of the moon". This advanced civilization mainly lived in their temples and cities. They were around 12 to 16ft tall. What the beast has done to the survivors and their relatives of today -- they are only part of what they once were. Everything else has been "filled' in with the genetics of the beast. There will never be a rebirth of any sorts regarding Atlantis. Neo-Naz!s can shove it and get with the program of what happened and why it happened --- and more importantly WHOM helped do it.
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