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I caught a headline somewhere today saying something about a new robot that runs like forest gump as if such a thing was a big joke!

Except those kind of robots are being developed by DARPA with military funding because ultimately the aim of such robots will be to run down human beings so either that journalist is a simpleton that doesn't realise the military applications of this hardware or they are in the game of deliberately managing the perceptions of the public

police and army might refuse to fire on their own citizens but robots won't.....there's nothing funny about that

Humanoid robot Atlas can jump over obstacles and hunt you down (VIDEOS)
Published time: 11 May, 2018 08:43
Edited time: 11 May, 2018 16:59

Freshly released videos show that robots created by Boston Dynamics are learning a host of new skills, including running outside, jumping and autonomous navigation.

In one of the videos, the barrel-chested humanoid robot Atlas is seen jogging around a yard. The machine’s relentless running style and powerful frame suggests that, if it speeds up a bit, it might have a future chasing down criminals on city streets.

The battery-powered robot is 1.5 meters tall and weighs 75kg. It uses LiDAR and stereo vision to assess its surroundings. The footage shows it running on surfaces that appear to be sloped and uneven, something robots have struggled with in the past.

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