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Originally Posted by pacmanpacks
Here in Denmark we have a lot of people who buy these "support the troops" bumper stickers for 500$ or more - Just like the idiots in here who support the military order called Red Cross !!!
Don't dis the red cross man.
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Great OG post...

I know alot of rednecks here in the U.S who go to the middle east just so they can have the thrill of killing "Towel Heads". I also know poor people that join the army just for the money. Most of the kids in the ROTC go right out of H.S for the College money.

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Originally Posted by dan duchaine View Post
They are just people paid to kill people.

I have no idea why anyone would support this.
Quoted for truth. Simple yet so true!!!

The visible universe could lie on a membrane floating within a higher-dimensional space.
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