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Default "Aliens are demons": Psy-Op to distract people

I agree with him.

Destroying the Illusion:

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There are both physical aliens and non physical aliens.So yes there are both aliens(3D) and demons(4D)

Pizzagate News gave a great comment right below the video.

''Why can't both demons and aliens exist?! Why does one existing mean the other can't exist? Everyone fighting over this is so stupid. Demons are interdimensional beings while aliens fly in spaceships and are evolved intelligent life from other planets. If all aliens are demons, then why the hell would demons fly in spaceships?! Look at the famous roswell crash, that was clearly a spaceship. Also, look at the Nordic aliens with blonde hair and blue eyes. The Nordic aliens aren't demons! This issue is dividing us, let's just agree that both aliens and demons exist!?''
Ecclesiastes 11:7 "The light is sweet, and it is delightful for the eyes to see the sun"
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aliens, aliens are demons, demons, ufos, ufos demons

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