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Default School trip to Auschwitz

so they're sending school kids on a trip to auschwitz now, my normie friends just paid for their childs trip...

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I wonder if they'll point out the swimming pool or talk about how the camp had it's own currency or the fact that there was a brothel. Or perhaps they will discuss the recorded video recollections of detainees who describe working on sets for plays put on at the camp. Maybe they will describe games of football with the guards (easily found on youtube - the Speilburg ones they don't promote) or detail what music and performances the camp orchestra was working on.

Perhaps they will describe how just a handful of these people whose stories promote the whole "Holocaust" accusation talk about how they quickly entered a room after each gassing while poison gas would still be trapped amongst dead bodies (crammed full of dead bodies but with a flimsy door which opened inward into the room!! Think about why that would be a problem when 2000 alleged people were scrambling towards and pressed up against the flimsy non-air-tight wooden door to get out when supposedly being gassed! ).

Will they talk about the math of how much fuel it would take to cremate all of these dead bodies? Will they discuss how much time would be required to do this (and why would intelligent but evil people bring people to a camp like this only to gas them and then waste resources cremating them ... they could have done what the Soviets did in Poland in the Katyn Forest when they murdered 20000 Polish officers and tried to blame it on the Germans (oh yes, the "Nazis" which is a common slur I never use anymore and never really did before I "knew too much"!)

Will they reveal the many detailed allied aerial photos of these camps which did not show large numbers of people waiting to go into gas chamber buildings as "witnesses" said.

I doubt they will mention any of these things and more. They will show a few photos (such as the doctored one with the malnourished man standing on the right and detainees on the left - but that exact same photo exists without him in the photo ... in fact one book actually used both versions within it LOL)

They may show the terrible footage of many bodies being pushed by a British bulldozer. These were victims of typhus which the Germans were really trying to curtail but which was increasing towards the end of the war when Germany's cities, infrastructure and ability to transport medicine and food was devastated by the purposeful mass bombing of German cities.

They'll show a display of hair which was cut off detainees just to humiliate them. Wait... or could it have been done in an effort to battle the lice problem which was also the typhus problem!

Oh those Germans were just so bad at engineering and designing in an efficient manner!

Someone needs to make a movie titled "Swindler's List"

It could be about all the false BS liars who have promoted this gigantic fraud and guilt-money extraction scheme!

(the whole story we are told endlessly in school, books, TV, Hollywood movies of WWI and WWII is completely biased ... and their connection is ignored and not taught ~ Treaty of Versailles, starvation blockade many months past Nov 11,1918 to force Germany to "accept" these terms, reparations, threat of Bolshevik takeover after WWII, huge hyperinflation in Germany in the 1920's , France entering Germany to demand resources as reparation payment in the 1920's, and eventually Germany wanting it's stolen land and people back and Germans to not be mistreated in Danzig [Gdansk] and territory which the allies stole to re-create Poland in 1918.)

People here can go research these things all they want ... I've looked at so much stuff that I'm tired of it. I'm tired of thinking I've been swindled not only by Zionists who finally got their precious Israel created (they were hoping it would be done after WWI ~ remember the Balfour Declaration) but by the traitorous Churchill, Bomber Harris and others who our civilization has statues to.



I'm sorry children are brainwashed by people who don't even know anything because it is the pushed status quo for political reasons.
"But the attitude of faith is to let go, and become open to truth, whatever it might turn out to be."

"In other words, a person who is fanatic in matters of religion, and clings to certain ideas about the nature of God and the universe, becomes a person who has no faith at all". - Alan Watts

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when will they send kids to see gulags that saw the deaths of tens of millions of white russian christians at the hands of jewish bolsheviks BEFORE the nazis even existed?

when will they do that?

as they say 'history is written by the victor' and all the narratives are currently controlled by the people who control the western media and education system and unlike the claims of the corporate media it ain't the russians
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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