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Originally Posted by chimeraworld
I believe this is still the case... just saying. A non-commercial non-spamming site like Free Planet, PHYSICALLY & RUTHLESSLY BLOCKED by a professional data-mining organisation intimately connected with CGG or Corporate Global Governance.
There is no confusion as to why its blocked!!!
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Originally Posted by ritchs View Post
I quit Facebook over a year ago. I recommend that people just quit it, let it die a natural death. I was indignant at their policies and censoring and data mining. They were issuing newer and newer updated privacy policies, it became so legally threatening, 'their rights' to use your posted info in perpetuity.
Just think about that one. Imagine someone coming after you over a post made 5 years ago, the possibility of being profiled and pigeon holed by an alphabet agency, an ordinary nobody citizen, why the amassing of all this fucking terrabytes of info so needed. wtf? So they can crucify you over something you texted under freedom of speech. They can take words you texted and drive them thru your hands like nails

My life is less cluttered with FB bs, the superficial 'I "like" Heinken beer' and other "likes" , after a while, it seemed like a bunch of biddies with too much time on their hands. I used it at first to link to old friends but it lost its luster quickly.
That happens to me on this forum, my past posts used against me to discredit me.

Machiavellian muck raking methods.

Anything that i say any mistake i make will and can be used against me, even grammatical errors it seems. Some do not allow me mistakes or to change my mind. Instead i am called inconsistent.

If any of my detractors read this i will be no doubt accused of moaning and being a drama queen.

There is much immaturity everywhere, there are also good sites and communities on FB, its just necessary to be selective and block out the crap. I do the same on this forum with my ignore list, when a posters intentions become obvious and after much benefit of the doubt, there is a point where enough is enough.

Having said that FB is loosing the appeal it once had, as is this forum.

It seems that when the peak of the learning curve is reached all that follows is repetition and the same old stuff.

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facebook, free planet

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