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Thx David you are a great speaker, and a great person. I love your sense of humor also. your inspiring. big love to you and carry on
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Thank-you so much for everything you've done and everything you continue to do. I think you are an amazing person and an inspiration to so many people.You are really a good man!!!
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Dear David, my son is named David too, it is the most beautyfull name!
Since i begun to get into your stuff - some 3 months ago - i use the words Bloody Hell far too often.

To your info - i have been aware of things for a VERY long time, and you didn't really bring nothing new for me in terms of system and ideology, but the hard FACTS you present are overwhelming!

Got a ticket for Wembley internet stream - had 2 friends at home watching too Thanks!

Keep up the good work! Greetings from Vienna.
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Thank you David. You opened my eyes back in the early 1990s with your book Truth Vibrations. I have never been the same since. If it wasn't for your experiences in Peru and your "Turquoise Experience" and what happened to you in the public eye then I might have never had read Truth Vibrations which effected me in a deep level and opened my eyes more and transformed my perceptions.

A couple of years after that I had a powerful and moving experience which at the time I didn't know what to make of it and didn't understand but now I do more. It is interesting to see information coming out now about Remembering Who We Are and there are other researchers sharing similar insights. This is what I experienced all those years ago as the amnesic barrier was for a moment breached and all those intimate memories with "source" starting flooding into my awareness that I had forgotten. The best way to describe it is total awareness then as I realized that I thought "Oh, I have died" and wondering what am I doing here and what about my family and so on, this is when I came back and this golden light of all loving and knowing presence slowly faded from my physical presence. The experience took itself in a dream format but serious if you experienced what I had this was no dream and this consciousness awareness was as real as this world. It seems to be through my heart center that was activated and where I came back. I can give more details of the experience if people like. Now I feel I am ready to understand what it was about as I feel this force has been guiding me all my life and now to ground and integrate this awareness into my physical experience.

David, While I don't know you as a person I do feel connected to you on a soul level. I am still deprogramming and trying to find myself and you have help me greatly. May be one day we will meet in person!

Thank you for all that you do! You are a beautiful Soul and you have a wonderful gift.

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thanks for your amazing energy and light ,good sir
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Default Just....

Thank you for your courage,
for your love to the truth,justice, human prosperity and LOVE itself....

Wish you the best , from Croatia...

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Cool Legend

Best Camcorder i've seen. i wonder what other instruments he has, i had a stare off with him last night, sorry david..You know i appreciate you

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I didn't believe it when i read that first book by yours i came across, it was The truth shall set you free. I'd read Robert Anton Wilson, all vague an cryptic , and A.K Chesterton in the 70's. Then i let it all go for lack of material.

Then your books were right in my face. I thought, how can he get away with this, why haven't they killed him.

It's been quite a journey since then.

So here's a big heartfelt thank you. You've played your part and done it totally. Your an example of Osho's new man.

Much love and, high vibrational energy your way David.
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Ickes the man
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Default Message for Mr Icke

I just want to hug you very tight David Icke. You are a beautiful soul.
Thank you so very much for every single day that you devote to waking up the human race and for providing us information.
Divine consciousness does not exist to work a 9 to 5 job to prevent from starving, this is not our life path.
Lifes purpose is spiritual, and you are standing up to remove the blindfold.
I applaud you for being brave. You are a brilliant speaker.
I know you suffer from arthritis. Even this can be healed. You dont need to accept it, know the truth about yourself. If you havent read the book Mary Baker Eddy's "Science and Health" it can help to dispel the idea of sickness.

Love to you and your family, have a wonderful Christmas filled with love and laughter.

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You sent me a message ..I tried to reply but it wouldn't let me? ..lol..Thank you for your kind words x
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Default Who Knows

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IA3LzFV2oiI If you don't look at all perspectives you might not come to an answer. Hope you guys enjoy the link and I don't get to many people trolling
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I love David Icke for standing up to the lies, hypocrisy and the system. I own and read his books. I would just say, it doesn't help that you show a photo of him from about 20 yrs ago (he isn't David Beckham, that photo is unneccesary) and the reptilian thing is a turn-off, true or not, it is too far fetched and undermines his other work & opinions. some might say, it is a conspiracy that the important things he writes about are undermined by the reptile thing.
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enlighten me
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Thanks Brother!

I would'nt have joined Freemasonry, if it was not for this excellent Forum,
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Remember who you are
Is an excellent book.
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I remembered this thread but couldn't find it back for quite a while. I want to thank Mr Icke for giving a bigger audience to some of my articles, especially the ones on the high-ranking paedophile case in my country, http://www.davidicke.com/headlines/7...-investigation thanks.
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thank you david icke,for awakening me into seeing what was and is all around us on this planet,you joined all the dots for me and i too have loads more love in my heart than i had before you came into my life, you opened my mind and heart to all possiblity for that am forever grateful.
p.s.(think gareth,s music is great to,so well done gareth)
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Thanks for your dedication to the worthiest of all causes; the truth. It's very rare to find a writer and a speaker that properly fits together all the bits and pieces, and renders irrelevant any separation between science, politics and spirituality. That is so important.

(I am still getting through 'And the Truth Shall Set You Free...')


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Love Ya David...you hang in there brother from another mother
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Default Human Race Get Off Your Knees

I've recently finished reading David Icke's book..Human Race Get Off Your Knees and I got the sense that David's books follow a thread with each one re-telling the basic story/conspiracy but with additional strands of research that take those ideas to other place.

I was hoping to find a discussion group relating specifically to the book but have not come across it as yet.

Anyway, I will say thanks David - what an amazing first read of one of your books. It's taken me quite a while and some of the subject matter was heavy to say the least.

I have read a fair amount of esoteric writings and there is always this sense that the authors of such material never seem to 'get to the point' and lead you on with deep meaningless pretentious waffle.

David's writing, however, gets straight to the point, and the research and evidence is (on the whole) very thorough, My reservations would be where certain 'reliable sources' are used in connection with 'secret' government goings on. (There was also a feature on your news page about the Keshe Foundation re free energy - if you look into this it is all smoke and mirrors - the extravegant claims are supported by virtually no evidence whatsoever)

One of my esoteric 'schools' claimed that the 'culture' i.e. anyone outside of the school was basically living a degenerate life and the teachings of that school were that 'higher than human' essences, forces etc required an anchor at this planetary level in order for the full potential of human evolution to be realised.

It was never explained how or why this 'degenerate' state had developed other than that people were based in the lower levels of the astral light and through education/programming remained at that state of being.

So, David's book was quite a revelation in that you have to understand the conspiracy and more fundamentally the reason for the conspiracy before you can really move forward with any clear purpose. So the process of 'unlearning' is about being aware of those influences that have made people become what they are and unblocking or breaking down the firewall of prevention.

Anyway, a bit of a rambling thanks to David - but if someone knows an actual discussion group directly relating to Human Race Get Off Your Knees then I would much appreciate the link.

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david icke appreciation, thank you david

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