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child of the sun
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Lightbulb !! Listen To The Universal Manifest Here !!

Dear all

I am that I am, Kepha ben Eya'e and I am here to share with you cosmic wisdom coming from your own hearts.

Cosmic Manifest

This Channeled Manifest is a non-linear guide to realizing Mastery and, as such, Ascension. As you work through the chapters, you will be given practical and theoretical energy tools that will assist your process of understanding your reality and, hence, mastering it. As this Manifest was being created, all of humanity stepped from an “Old Energy” paradigm into a new or “Free Energy” paradigm… from definition in matter to non-definition in the energy realms. Because of that, you will notice a shift from the concept of channeling to the free energy principle called EKARAIA. This is a way to bring in the New Energy and translate it to words. It is a lemurian word, meaning “to speak from the heart of all things”.
As you acquaint yourself with this ancient, authentic knowledge, you will receive insights on much lemurian wisdom, such as the Akene… basically, the foundation on which this entire Manifest is built. Unfortunately, since Jeshua ben Ekara, the channel for this Manifest, was born in Belgium, Europe, the first few channelings were in Dutch. Since his move to Hawaii (Kealakekua Bay), where he was called to go, the channelings and ekaraias are in English. To solve this problem, a book will soon be released : “The Meaning of Life”, translating and further explaining the Cosmic information in English. This information is presented by many an ascended Master, brought together by Ekara: sovereign servant of Free Energy.

I wish you a happy and wonderful journey within… as you will discover who you truly are, based on your own unlimited potential!

The Human Adventure is just beginning!

Listen to the universal manifest at http://www.myspace.com/_kepha_

In sovereign service of free energy,
I send you sunshine and rainbows !

Kepha ben Eya'e
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rebel ins
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do you want to provide some cosmically enlightened answers then?
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are you just pulling my photon in an attempt to get me enlightened...

may sound like i'm messing but i read this: Photons are emitted in many natural processes, e.g., when a charge is accelerated, during a molecular, atomic or nuclear transition to a lower energy level, or when a particle and its antiparticle are annihilated. Photons are absorbed in the time-reversed processes which correspond to those mentioned above:....(see ) for example, in the production of particle–antiparticle pairs or in molecular, atomic or nuclear transitions to a higher energy level.

so if time is speeding up and and photons are absorbed in time-reverse... does that mean we go back to original humans of infinate knowledge?
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