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Originally Posted by ritchs View Post
I have been mulling that over too, if we are being set up. The Elites are very sophisticated and realize that we are becoming much more suspicious. The Trump phenomena is another one. He says all the right things. Too cozy, too easy, all the false opposition to him from his own party to make people think he is the real deal (I wish that he is though)

There is discussion now on the web of the North American Union being promoted again presently. Add to this a future currency collapse, and they may be setting their ducks in a row. First balkanization of systems and countries, than a grand plan to unify after divide and conquer. We only play checkers, these fuckers play chess

I am for Brexit but am very, very wary if how this will play out. There are enough Judas sheep out there to lead us down the narrow path...
This is what I feel may be the truth to the matter. There's no way to really know for sure; but I too am wary of this. I am sure Trump is only doing as he has been asked by the elites, as part of a greater plan.
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Soros almost surely knew the outcome of the referendum at least a month before the vote even took place. That's why he dumped a large chunk of his wealth into gold, and made a killing on it.

This supports the idea that brexit was a plan by the elites. I think it seems more and more likely that we're all being played here. All across the mainstream media the narrative is that brexit is a disaster. Over at yahoo Bond star Christoph Waltz calls brexit 'breathtakingly stupid' https://uk.news.yahoo.com/brexit-bre...175903616.html

Just read the comments below that article. Most people see through the bullshit and media spin to try to make out that brexit is a disaster.

I feel that we are seeing the true plan here. Just look at the media narrative, brexit is a disaster if you believe the news. I think we're being set up to make it look like people shouldn't have the right to vote because we don't know what's good for us.

There's news reports with elites calling us this, they use words such as 'the simply majority' shouldn't get to decide.

Hell, one goes a step further and calls us the 'ignorant masses'. http://foreignpolicy.com/2016/06/28/...p-2016-brexit/ - It’s Time for the Elites to Rise Up Against the Ignorant Masses

I will add though, that it is possible there is another take on this. The reason for the media demonisation of the brexit result could simply be because they want to stop brexit from ever happening. As for Soros putting his money into gold, that could have also been simply because he knows a financial crash is looming anyway and so he could have planned to invest into gold anyway; he could have just been waiting for the right event to come along, such as the EU referendum.

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Default Extraordinary bid to block Brexit revealed

Daily Mail
July 5, 2016

An extraordinary attempt to block Britain leaving the EU has been revealed after a European Commission staff member sent a letter to all MPs demanding they vote to prevent Brexit.

Tory MP Henry Smith highlighted the missive – sent from a British citizen working for the EU in Brussels – and has sent a copy of the letter to MailOnline, which you can read in full below.

The employee, who has remained anonymous due to data protection laws, says politicians should not support invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty despite the clear Leave vote in the referendum.

She wrote a list of remarkable claims on why MPs should block last month’s Brexit vote.

Among the most outlandish was a claim the referendum was ‘not an exercise in real democracy’ – despite a record 33.5million people turning out to vote.

She also told MPs to reject the Brexit result – backed by 52 per cent to 48 – because the decision was too ‘complex’ for the ‘uninformed’ electorate.

Read more:

He does show up on the Voted out list
(Why haven't the other recipients come out then?).

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sin00, in this panorama I might add what it happened in Austria a few days ago: the Supreme Court has decreted the reply of the ballottage for the election of the President. That race was between a populist and a "green", he won the green one for a few votes, but after it was reported the presence of frauds to fix the result at advantage of the green candidate. A few days ago instead the Austrian Supreme Court has decided the repeatition of the election.
It's known that judges are in large part members of masonic lodges and they fix the justice according to directives ordered by "high".
So pheraps someone wants the victory of the populist eurosceptic exnophobic candidate to then demonize the democracy further, together the Brexit and the victory of Donald Trump.

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