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Default JFK to Trump Assassination - Globalists - Military Industrial Complex

Who the F**k is Alice? - Alan Watts - Phantom Self - Involution

Please note this is just looking at similar scenarios in comparison to the JFK Assassination and the image/Groundwork of Trump.
These are just some contrasts I’m sure if people look hard enough following such an event much more similarities will be found.
This is in preparation of any deception following such an event.

Should anything of the sort happen I’d of course be even more suspect and this is just making comparisons along with satire should something of the sort happen, rather than me knowing or saying something like this is definitely going to happen.

The contrasts are quite similar that such shows a systematic design rather than a natural or circumstantial repetition of history to my mind.

I believe events are being synthesised and staged for political showcases and games.
Most of which are elaborate smoke and mirror games to make Trump appear “anti-establishment” to most average individuals who aren’t say engaged so much into research, areas deeply involved within this international web and conspiracy of the globalists agendas.

Just those who are aware that something is desperately wrong with our political establishments but haven’t spent much time researching certain issues as they don't understand just how important they're.

Trump serves as a pacifier to many of these people, he tells them what they want to hear and it’s more easily accepted and with their smoke and mirror games, it makes it look as though something is happening, that Trump is up against the Globalists because of deceptions in the media and stage shows over institutional chaos, made to look as though Russia is the hidden hand within Trumps office.

If they even knew about Zionism, the Israeli lobby and the superseded nature of Trumps office with these Zionists then such would be laughable and not stick.

Not enough people know due to the deception and concealment of the mainstream media and political correctness over Zionism/Israel being associated with Judaism and anyone having a bad word to say about any must be because they’re “anti-Semitic”.

Thankfully in the U.K. at least and issues over the Labour Party, it’s quite obvious to many that these international Zionists have overplayed their hand and actually their actions only help expose themselves.

Uk labour party ignoring complaints of antisemitism?

Israel running campaign against Jeremy Corbyn?

Otherwise they're attempting to call on that “antisemitism” that they want to prove “does exist” and how it’s a big problem to the handful of Jews who live in the UK, by those who will voice their concerns and resentment of Jews and Judaism following these events, rather than the deception of these International Zionists of Jews and Judaism by those whom confuse the two, or deliberately have vested interests in helping these International Zionists themselves by misrepresenting them as that of collective Judaism.
As they ain’t and do not represent the masses of Jews in any sense.

True Torah Jews
Our Mission
The Nation-State Law is a False Claim
Anti-Zionism Does Not Equal Anti-Semitism

No Jews, Zionists or those who represent the state of Israel do anything negative, it’s those saying anything negative about them who are ignorant.
That’s the official narrative in any and every sense which is of upmost important to understand and if you do, you won’t have a problem with the new definition of “anti-semitism”.

With this being the case, it’s our duty to be labelled “anti Semitic” as a badge of honour.

Keep Calm and Carry on
I’m “anti-Semitic”

We should all have badges made to avoid any confusion.

That’s what all the “fake news” situation is about, it’s what the new definition of “anti-semitism” is about, the recent censorship on social media and hosting platforms and censoring the link has been all about.

If it’s not clear yet all of these things are about Global Censorship and Official Concealment.


Trump is working hand in hand alongside all that matters with these International Zionists, fabrications and sensationalised theater is the order of the day in making Trump appear "anti-establishment" and that usually means inferring Trump is controlled by Russia and the same individuals behind Trump will be the same Russians who “interfered” in U.K. democracy by way of Brexit so we need another referendum.
Such of course is an elaborate deception.

EU Brexit Prediction if not a Certainty...

So what history is being systematically repeated that has undertones of a JFK front/persona to Trump?

First of all, if Trump is controlled by these international Zionists, would they kill him for their cause?

Trump has his own interests and ego to pacify, being in the position he is in and by playing the games he is playing.


He isn’t a puppeteer in this play but a puppet and if assassinating Trump is what’s needed to create a social divide, extremism and to get people asking for their own Police State, Gun Reform and geopolitical wars is what’s needed by assassinating Trump they wouldn’t think twice if they can make such an event and sell it as they did 9/11.


Why is the world stage the persona that Trump is being built upon contrast with that image of JFK who was genuinely up against an international/global conspiracy that actually killed him?

If that’s the case, Trump either could be assassinated, an attempt is made or a situation is staged to further emphasis Trumps image as being one thats genuine and in opposition to those internationalists.
All his minions will rally around to his cause in direct opposition to those globalists who carried this out, or against the group responsible if they succeed in making the deception stick.
If they’re feeling sold out or manipulated, they can be misled down any path these globalists choose as they’re the ones behind creating such a deception should this happen.

I don’t know but I do suspect something is highly possible and have done for some time and mentioned it at least a couple of times elsewhere on the David Icke forum.



JFK was having to deal with his own “Pivot to Asia” attempt by the Globalists with Vietnam.
Obama very kindly initiated the Pivot to Asia to set this scene and didn’t do a great deal much beyond laying the foundations for Trump entering office, which he has continued as he “battles those globalists”, along with his flip flopping over the TPP, from how bad such a trade deal would be to supporting it, which is also being sold as Britain’s answer to Brexit.

Liam Fox US trade deal to join Trans-Pacific Partnership predictable?

If we don’t swallow the bait, it’s referendum time again because of “Russian Interference” in the democratic process.
These things just smoothly continue throughout office, from left to right, the things that matter while the image is emphasised, so people maybe deceived into believing something is going to change yet this never happens, even with the “anti-establishment” Trump?

Icke Intro - Trump is Israels man, a Zionist


JFK was having to deal with very genuine equality issues of black people - Civil Rights - who where being dehumanised, not treated equally to white people as promised following WWII as of course black peoples where considered of equal blood when it came to filling the frontlines.
This led to civil disobedience protests and unrest.
These people could be used time and time again as cannon fodder for population control, much like those people with brown faces these people are all to often on the receiving end of such Warfare, but treated as second class citizens, no different to the way "the only democracy in the Middle East" treats Arabs...

Trump is having to deal with “fake news” and “anti-semitism” equality issues.
Both of which are as equally fabricated as his persona and being used so the very same globalists can advance their levels of concealment and censorship, so no one can expose this international empire and their planned wars to take place in the not too distant future, they want people both black and white to fight for them again?

Not forgetting trouble initiated through “Black Lives Matter” as engineered and wished to be used and abused by the globalists, whom use them when needed.
Where were they when Obama was supposed to be fixing everything race related for all blacks?
What did Obama do for black people?
No different to what he done for white people as he doesn't represent anyone other than this international syndicate.

Furthermore, we have yet another equality deception being invited by the same globalists to spiral into the Transgender agenda.

Feminists are of course at war with the men and transgenders as that’s what this is all about, more tools for creating division, by political correctness powers, control put in the hands of power mad control freaks, institutions and these nutcases are usually running around topless to get attention on how they’re not as free as men, who of course can’t say or do a damn thing anymore, not unless perhaps they’re Jewish then they could probably get away with doing whatever the hell they’d like and if you say anything about it they could probably get away with blaming you by calling you antiSemitic or fascists, who must want death to all other Jews and the situation not be related to their actions or attitude, as it never is...

Furthermore, these feminists set about attempting to empower other ugly women by educating them in Islam and helping them make the step into fashioning burkas, Quran or no Quran, that’s not the question.
It’s purely a method of instigating a cultural clash in which people can’t voice their concerns about due to political correctness, until it reaches a peak, a breaking point and then all hell will let lose, as that’s the whole idea by what’s being instigated here...

Islam and Nationalism - Divide and Rule - Greece - International Chaos


We have both ends of the extremes covered here by these feminists, stripped or covered head to toe they’re doing a stand up job!
So long as the tools are in the right hands you won’t hear anyone complaining...

Issues of equality are very much still here with Trump from those of JFK, even if the majority of them are instigated so Trump can still have this similar image and persona that once resonated with JFK himself.
Issues of equality at JFKs time genuinely resonated on mass from within side individuals whom wanted change due to their segregation and discrimination by deluded boxing off of society, by social class systems which people where being controlled by both black and white alike.

Now this crowd set out deliberately to create more deluded isolationist prisons and look to box off society, deliberately to create a change and so class systems can be enforced through them, these minorities they’re attempting to create and reinforce social divisions in which they can voice political policy and deception through, out of issues that largely don’t exist at all how they portray them.
Then they hope by crowd control techniques and the engineering of their consent they can get various groups to act in such a manner that helps them be represented as desired by those controlling them and misdirecting them.

They’re being created so politics can control more and more of society by controlling language and pushing the limits of political boundaries further and further, political correctness gone mad to change the way we view and speak about one another, attempted to be instigated and indoctrinated at the earliest levels through children by their education.

Meanwhile, any real and genuine concerns minority groups have or sexual exploitations of any gender, goes on exploited, abused and misdirected because of those vested interests of these international powers, no different to all humanity at large. This international syndicate doesn’t represent any group of society beyond themselves and their own desires for power and control.

This boxing off and division is so these people can rule over us is to make things worse and control people - everyone - from these divisions and to take everyone’s freedoms away by giving the appearance of pacifying the needs of minority groups, no different to how these International Zionists attempt to influence whole nations via the lobby, from hiding behind the minority group of Jews so no one can say what they see when they call out this deception that’s taking place here.

The way we view one another is what’s under attack and being changed so we will see the world isolated, as those who are engineering this wish us to if we continue to let it happen and not see it as the exploitation that it is...
The exploitation of a majority for a minority whom wishes to control and exploit and nothing more.

Background Vice President


Researching the JFK Assassination, something always bugged me.

Throughout historic documentaries LBJ can always be seen in the background cowarding over the shoulder of JFK as though this sinister power mad tycoon had planned and was behind the assaination of JFK all by himself for his own ends as he needed power and control.
Some of that is true but to claim he was the mastermind is ridiculous, it would again be like making the statement that Russia is the major international influence of Trumps occupation of office without bringing up our traditional enemies enemies of the truth, those International Zionists...

This even at the start of the most oldest JFK Assassination Documentaries has “sinister” type music and a sort of Hansel and Gretel style breadcrumbs left behind leading to connections of the JFK Assassination and the responsibility left at the feet of LBJ as a sort of collateral damage, another patsy built into historical archives and long fairy tale typed books with the interests of making money and further exploiting people, rather than the greater interests of truth is unfortunately all too common.

From research I’m sure LBJ knew in advance of this Assassination as he hit the floor of his vehicle before anyone and had far more protection around his vehicle than JFK himself.
He did gain but of course was a puppet not a puppeteer/Architect of this Plan and any sort of pre-advanced knowledge would have been little more than keep your head down, then following the incident events would appear as natural and spontaneous as possible.
The fact he isn’t visible in his vehicle before any shoots have been fired leads many people to such speculation...
Now Mike Pence is all to often depicted in exactly the same manner...

Mike Pence is the new LBJ and he also is always standing in the background over the shoulder of Trump and if such history repeats itself he would step into power, meaning those international Zionists gain all around to the demise and abuse of Christianity especially evangelical Christians which such a Zionist seeks to exploit for his own gain and deception by this international syndicate.

The Charismatic President


What bugs me still from this, Trump is being engineered by the MSM as being the peoples voice, the people’s president “against the globalists”, similar rhetoric has been used throughout the media describing Trump as charismatic and similar history has repeated itself through Trumps office with only subtle differences.
JFK was considered the “Charismatic President” and he actually was, not a full blown over inflated arse hole, attempting to play the part of a Charismatic President and doing so miserably in most insincere arrogant way possible, with an ego bordering on psychopathic.
Personally I think Trump on amphetamines would be dangerous.
Yet if you’re looking for faking that Charisma, it’s been known to improve ones mood, what could go wrong?

Dr. FeelGood


Dr. Joseph Greenberg treated Trump from 1982 to 1985 for “metabolic imbalances‚” which is not a real medical disorder‚ but rather a fancy way of saying Trump wanted to burn fat.
Greenberg prescribed Trump with a drug called Tenuate Dospan (Diethylpropion). According to Drugs.com‚ Tenuate Dospan is a Schedule IV drug that works similar to amphetamine‚ suppressing your appetite and stimulating your central nervous system.
Spy produced photocopies of Trump’s medical records in 1992 (published on Gawker) that back the story. Spy’s John Connolly confirmed to Gawker that the medical record is a direct photocopy‚ obtained 4 years before HIPAA established stricter standards on doctor-patient confidentiality.

Civil Chaos - Order out of Chaos - Building Walls - Social Divides

JFK talked of bringing down the Berlin wall while Trump talks of building new ones...

Those supporters of Trump will be abused and directed emotionally into civil chaos from which they can restore order and it seems very likely the foundations of this is being setup as a mirror image of JFK by design, either for such speculation/misdirection or for a world stage to be exploited by such a scenario.

If an Arab migrant steps over the boarder of Mexico and say assassinates the Trump, think of the implications.

A wall gets built, those resistant to gun reform laws will be cheering them on due to their fallen messiah, geopolitics Middle East and The Pivot to Asia of course and an advancement into the Police State no doubt...

The International Zionists from such a scenario will be the beneficiaries of such an event and have Mike Pence who is equally an international Zionists as a fall guy and behind the direction of US politics to continue these interests.
Probably only a fall guy in the future though much like LBJ.
This, if it happens will be at a crucial time to exploit geopolitical interests and desires if and when it takes place...

The First Casualty of War

Too many people are brain dead when it comes to this issue and Trump.

Some very troubling things are planned by this crowd to censor us, control us and deceive us into helping them do it.
From censoring so called “fake news” or “anti-semitism” it’s the same objective to advance global censorship.
The first casualty of war is journalism. Now that also means social media, activists and so called “Conspiracy Theorists” pay the price and are being treated as extremists or worst still as terrorists and terrorists sympathisers.
All so this crowd can wage more war from Syria to Iran from North Korea - the South China Sea - to China or from the Ukraine to Russia.
This so called “Pivot to Asia,” started by Obama still continues by Trump, project “Greater Israel” and the reconstruction of King Solomon’s Temple by the International Zionists - Rothschilds Zionism - and Freemasons - British Royalty and their institutions - is why such censorship, concealment and deceptions are taking place now so people can be globally censored when these agendas advance.
Of course such is because of our racism/anti-semitism and not for the censorship and concealment of their agendas and operations.
It’s systematic and it’s happening and being justified right under our nose by institutions that these powers control.

On mass we’re being divided and ruled and having our consent engineered to their agendas via emotional manipulation and political correctness on steroids.


US Pivot to Asia - “Containment of Communism” History Repeating Itself

Russia Meddling in Brexit - In US election Deception

Moderates face 'Clear and Present Danger' of being run out of Party?

America last: Trump has brought US to irrelevance in Syria

Activism charges under terrorism laws How long will you stay silent?

Israel plan to ‘assist’ Palestinian emigration - Transfer agreement

Freemasonry and King Solomon’s Temple International Zionist Objective

Paving the way to a Communist Style Global Dictatorship - “Prediction”
Danny Edwards
If you believe everything I say, I don’t trust you. More importantly you shouldn’t trust yourself or you own opinion on this until you’ve researched it for yourself!

Knowledge alone is not enough know thyself...

Scio Te Ipsum - Verum Ordo Ad Chao

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The Revolution will be an Involution


Concerning non-violence--it is criminal to teach a man not to defend himself when he is the constant victim of brutal attacks.


Sex and race-because they are easy, visible differences- have been the primary ways of organizing human beings into superior and inferior groups and into the cheap labor on which this system still depends. We are talking about a society in which there will be no roles other than those chosen or those earned. We are really talking about humanism.


One of my reasons for going out on a limb as I have is to try and make white people be shocked, awake to some of their senses. Because if they don't awake they're gonna find out that this little Negro that they thought was passive has become a roaring, uncontrollable lion right in, right at their doorst--not at their doorstep--inside their house, in their bed, in their kitchen, in their attic, in their basement. And if you know that in time you can do something about it.


This is no simple reform. It really is a revolution.?

Danny Edwards
If you believe everything I say, I don’t trust you. More importantly you shouldn’t trust yourself or you own opinion on this until you’ve researched it for yourself!

Knowledge alone is not enough know thyself...

Scio Te Ipsum - Verum Ordo Ad Chao
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The stage is being set, Trump is no more than a Manchurian Candidate a puppet to be used to stir dissent and chaos, which the “traditional enemies of humanity” can restore order from. Chaos which they’re deliberately creating by setting up a world stage in such a manner with an air of familiarity about it to JFKs era of office.
Make a persona of a JFK out of a persona of a Nixon.
That’s what’s being attempted...

As that’s the plan.

Out of this, such will be made to make Trump appear sincere and a “genuine revolutionary”.
He ain’t, he is a sting operation for all those whom believe him to be genuine.

A Trojan horse of a different sort.
An empty shell with the appearance, a phantom, a cultivated persona of a “gift to humanity” which he ain’t.
He is a disaster waiting to happen.
Setup, instigated and to play paranoia on both sides of a cultivated crafted civil war, civil unrest and attempt to turn the people on their enemies, the enemies of the internationalists whom are using Trump and pulling his strings, as well as getting one another to turn on each other, themselves...

Order out of Chaos has always been the Orded of the day by this international network.

Commander and Cheif Deception

Dr. John Coleman - The Tavistock Institute: The World's Lies and Propaganda Machine
Danny Edwards
If you believe everything I say, I don’t trust you. More importantly you shouldn’t trust yourself or you own opinion on this until you’ve researched it for yourself!

Knowledge alone is not enough know thyself...

Scio Te Ipsum - Verum Ordo Ad Chao

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