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Thumbs up Defense from reptile aliens by hand

O.K. so here's some stuff I want you to take seriously, here's A scenario run through for you, and can you please adopt within yourself the ideation of the concept for your life!

Beginning scenario:
So I was watching youtube, I was looking at the overall topic of these "reptile aliens", I have the perspective this is like particularly dangerous wild animals, carnivores, and that they be intelligent. So the characteristic here is intelligence, beyond the danger of a bear that is Aggressive, and will stalk you, if not for a prolonged period.

I can have all sorts of ideas about this, do I feel this information in viable, correct? If no, can I verify this information? How can I do this?

I'm going to consider my own inner mind to be fallible, I'm going to keep this outside myself in my psyche. I'm going to adapt myself to a more tangible realistic scenario. I'm going to consider myself fallible, and my psychology fallible.

There is strange things on the internet, there are movies about aliens, there are popular musicians who make music about "Chips", implantable transponders, the government are corrupt and the musicians mention 'secretive groups'. Perhaps they are fallible also, perhaps if they are unscrupulous they can be manipulated. Perhaps they do uncivilized things under the pretense of a civilized scenario and demeanor. What if things become uncivilized for them? What if basic concepts are often beyond their working mind and actions?

So what I'll do is I'll put down in my mind this paranoia about other people to begin with, and consider this something I would be able to visually identify at a range of 50-150 meters in daylight, and within 20 meters at night time.

I see a tall dark figure, I may feel 'spooked', I may hear footsteps, or an animal moving, even if I cannot see this I can sense vaguely, and hear. Am I in an exposed position? If I am in an exposed open position I can get eyesight at a good range... is there a route by which I can move away? Is there multiple routes by which I can move away?

Maybe I am at an elevated position, I can get good eyesight, lets note the surroundings. Can I see sources of light? I can see sources of light. Are those sources of light moving? If yes they are moving, what are the characteristics?

I see something like this, I can see a light moving, it is in the air, it must be an aircraft of some kind. If I cannot identify this, I will say it may be a U.F.O.!

If you see any U.F.O.'s that are yellow, do not move toward them. If it moves toward you, move away for your safety. I feel awkward and a little hyped up, lets follow the insight that this may be an unsafe situation and proceed from a distance!

Let's assume this is not taken seriously by most people! Yet many people have stories! There is distributed media outlet from a foreign nation! Let's not assume what they say to be correct, or with the best intentions!

I can see unidentified flying objects of whatever kind, I can sense and pick up on a figure around me, if I cannot evade.. what can I do?

Something approaches me quickly, it closes in where I am, perhaps I can carry a camping knife, a hunting knife. Perhaps I can grab a rock. I can lash out quickly, hard, and I can move away when I am able as fast as I can.

I feel disorientated, I feel weak. I can yell strongly, I can summon some strength, I can stamp or strike my chest and focus very strongly!

If I know this scenario I can prepare or even begin this way, I see something, I make myself very well herd and clear immediately! I immediately yell strongly with controlled aggression. I yell "HEY! YOU THERE! STOP NOW! ANNOUNCE YOURSELF NOW!".

If a person they will respond. Say they do not, say it appears to actually be a person...

The person is acting strange, maybe they are a drug user who is retarded or under the influence? Perhaps they look strange, this person appears to be injured or look strange...

I saw a video online, the man said he had to "Stomp" a person who he believed only looked like a person. I believe he meant he killed this person by hand and that he had to do this at the time. They were following him somewhere remote. Perhaps he could tell this was something of a very bad situation and had some awareness of the situation.

He said that some type of extra terrestrials, who reportedly can dwell underground... that they abduct people, and manufacture from their body another person, or alter the person violently, harm their body, so that they can be used as a drone!


This indicates perhaps a state of decay of the person, that fungal spores and disease would take hold.


These reports were different from online paranoia about digital video discrepancies regarding other people and were tangibly different, and a lot clearer!

I chose to be a lot clearer, and become more specific with people, and make sure they would understand that the situation was tangibly different to an Only similar scenario they would often describe, and become seemingly paranoid about!

I assumed them to be fallible, and my government fallible, and would not simply take for granted their comments vehemently! They were even from a foreign nation, that was in my mind saturated with what I considered to be propaganda! To be a form a psych-warfare that was employed on their civilian population, who I could see becoming increasingly complicit with the abuse of foreigners! I knew this activity was flawed and inadequate some way and could see clearly in the current day this was occurring!

They would even be considered friends to be this way, with people in my nation acting similarly to their arrogant abusive persons! Their media output of music and movies had been working for decades!

I saw UFO's near my town and was filming them! If anything were to happen, I would know well to begin with what may be occurring, and practical steps to prevent disaster!

Perhaps this process would be slow, over my entire lifetime! I would not become afraid readily and became fortitudinous in ways I know to resist this type of international and dangerous otherworldly subversion!

I knew I did not want to, and would not simply cause problems, that I would not become abusive and delusional like the foreigners! I maintained myself well, and worked consistently and repeatedly to accustom myself to the situation being a reality, and maintained a calm and fluid demeanor as best I could, like in daily life there was problems associated to this overall issue, which I can see tangibly!

I hope this helps reading this, I'm trying to walk you through the scenario and affirm via you reading this, and that you can draw something from it that I want to impress on you!

Let's not consider strange abnormal things, events, situations and occurrences to be safe to begin with! LET'S GET SMART!

Have a nice day!
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