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Default UFOs over Philly during Bruce Springsteen/Obama

PHILADELPHIA - October 8, 2008 (WPVI) -- Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a... UFO?
One thing's for sure, there appeared to be SOMETHING in the sky over Philadelphia Saturday during the Obama rally, which rocker Bruce Springsteen headlined.
Philadelphia resident Jessica Sechrist sent us pictures and a video from what she saw. Take a look and judge for yourself.

UFOs over Philly during Bruce Springsteen/Obama concert

So aliens like Obama and I think he likes them too, just wont say it so people wont freak out. He knows he has to win a majority of people over that might not think it's cool... But check out this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYkZX5ridZE At the end he says he's going to focus on life on earth but "There may be some other folks on their way". And McCain made mention that Obama was in support of an "overhead projector" (really a sky theater) at a planetarium in Chicago. I found one more video where they asked Obama what he would do if he found out the government had been hiding the truth of ufos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmJnFZy-PtU

Find the 0
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I zoomed in on the photo but it's not very clear. Could they be news helicopters?

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Follow the links and watch the video. I don't think they are helicopters.
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It's interesting how the Israelis view Obama. He receives much support
both from Jewish liberals and arguably the right-wing AIPAC, but his
middle name bothers Israelis a lot. Also, there are doubts whether he is
really a Muslim apostate. Here is an article which analyzes Obama's
similarity to early Zionists:
http://samsonblinded.org/blog/obama-...jewishness.htm What do you think of the parallels?
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