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Lightbulb Joshua Warren - Orbs Ghosts & UFOs & My Experience

This Coast to Coast interview with Joshua Warren is amazing. I felt compelled to share with you all, and also share an experience of my own I had tonight at a beach that led me to this Coast to Coast series!

Joshua Warren P1 Orbs Ghosts And Ufo's

Joshua Warren P2 Orbs Ghosts And Ufo's

This is the ghostly apparition that Joshua is speaking of at the Whitehouse under construction in the early 50's

URL: http://mysterytopia.com/2008/08/ghos...ite-house.html



Joshua Warren P3 Orbs Ghosts And Ufo's

Joshua Warren P4 Orbs Ghosts And Ufo's

Joshua Warren P5 Orbs Ghosts And Ufo's

Joshua Warren P6 Orbs Ghosts And Ufo's

Joshua Warren P7 Orbs Ghosts And Ufo's

Joshua Warren P8 Orbs Ghosts And Ufo's

Joshua Warren P9 Orbs Ghosts And Ufo's

Joshua Warren P10 Orbs Ghosts And Ufo's

Joshua Warren P11 Orbs Ghosts And Ufo's

Joshua Warren P12 Orbs Ghosts And Ufo's


Now I will share my experience with you...

Tonight, Wednesday night, September 29, 2010, I went to the beach with a 'friend' of mine, a female. We looked up and noticed we had an 'Observer' or a 'Watcher' in the sky above, glowing way more brightly than anything in the sky near it (the stars, other air-craft - military I am assuming we saw too, possibly coast guard.) When I told my friend what we were witnessing (because it was hovering from left to right and jumping thousands of feet in seconds getting brighter and less bright at will (like nothing Ive ever seen before!!

It was definitely not 'of this world', I'll say that with certainty. When it finally started to disappear into the skies above (going very high up ascending in rapid speed) I actually re-called an incantation I had memorized from a book I have and I went into the 'As above, So below' posture with my body (using my arms and hands forming them like so.) The UFO (or whatever it may have been) started getting closer again and illuminating brightly and taking on the shape of Islam and formed what looked to be the star of David or the hexagram. It was rotating and wobbling with unconventional ease and agility.

At this point my friend started yelling to me that she was scared for her life and we should leave the beach. She started towards her vehicle and said she would leave me there if I stayed behind. I really didn't want to leave, but I wanted a ride back too. I released my mind (or at least what I think I did) and it went back into the skies above.

Amazing. Breathtaking. Incredible once in a lifetime experience. And I have a witness (she's shaken up from it, pretty bad in fact) - thank God!!

Please, anyone with similar experiences, share with me!!

God bless

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