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Default UFO BASE in China/India disbuted territory

China and India both know about underground UFO base in the Himalayan border area deep into the tectonic plates...........

I have been researching a story that came to my attention after interviewing kids and village elders for a magazine near to the Holy Mountain Mt Machapuchari in Nepal in 1998.

In my trek I was hearing accounts and seeing the drawings from children of creatures that looked like greys and craft that looked domed. The villages were very simple. We were a few days walk from the tourist resorts where tv etc was common.The kids were not watching american tv and had no books or comics to get the references from. They lived in simple houses with their animals. I was not under the impression that is was something they had brewed up to amuse tourists as it was originally my sketck book of cartoons that caused them to freak out about what they knew.

Most spoke limited english but their drawings spoke 1000 words. The elder villages spoke of the common sightings with fear, and seemed to look at them as omens more that deities. They spoke less english (the kids had grown up talking with the backpackers climbing through the villages). I could see the fear and passion in the eyes as the elders wanted to convey that the mystery lights did bring fear (sick goats or similar things).

This experience enlightened me to the Himilayan connection. The range is huge and a lot of it untouched and never seen by modern man apart from the sky. There are a lot of excellent threads on ATS about the mysteries of Tibet and the range.

The connection I am making here is a little far fetched simply because it is a region spanning thousands of kilometeres. Or so I thought until I saw how close the regions in question are on google earth.

The stories from the Nepalise side fascinated me but I had to leave before I could get more info. The infamous holy mountain known in english as The Fishtail is holy to hindu, buddhist and islam, as well as the various hybrid cult like arms of these religions found in the part of the world. No one has climbed it.ANd it is illegal to climb it. Apparently no climbers have dared to question this law, or not for 80 odd years. Treks to the base were possible years ago. We viewed the mountain over a huge valley (maybe it was 20-50 km wide, and home to tigers, so locals were not too keen to take even small trecks into this territory.

This mountain seemed to have the most stories attached to it with regard to craft coming from inside it. The nepalise had paintings going back 1000 years depicting it as some kind of godly mountain with demons living inside............way before the Chinese and Indians were disbuting the region. (more on that coming up)

As the article states the border near to the disbuted region of Konka La and Huangyangtan is guarded by soldiers from both countries and I found references to soldiers speaking about the craft before (sorry no time to dig them up now).

They are removed geographically as the terrain is wild and there does not seem to be many access roads in the entire area.

I found this story. It seems the chinese have constructed some kind of huge model of the area (900 x 700m) and it is visible from google earth.

The region where I had first hand experiences interviewing locals about the strange things they have witnessed is actually quite far from here, although it is all in the same mountain range and cultuarally connected. Vistas in the Himilayas can span huge distances, so strange lights moving thru the mountains would be visable to people from far away areas. The air is clear up there.

I searced and found the google earth story was covered on ATS a few years back, although no reference to the UFO connection.


Anyone who has been to this region will realise how impracticle any kind of military base would be that depended on road access. There is usually only one main road climbing any of the mountains in this entire region, and such roads took decades to construct. Trucks bringing supplies move slowly. When one looks out over some of the mountains it is very clear that only adventures with sherpas, mountain goats and the occasional herder family can get far from the larger villages, leaving huge areas inaccessable.

Any response/local knowledge appreciated. I will be returning to the Nepalise side in a few days. I will be staying under the mountainous shadow of Machapuchari and will do my best to find a local with some information. I won't take the laptop........so I'll be hoping to get some feed back.

I am intrigued as to if anyone could think of why the Chinese would map the area so accurately and HUGE in a reproduction scale model. Although we know there is tension as the borders have not been agreed, the military there are fairly ground based and traditional. Trucks with soldiers and a few tanks. Although the model is huge, it would not be practicle for troop movement studies in this day and age with GPS and satellites. Why would they built this thing?

I don't see how such a huge model would be necessary..............

Unless these stories of ships from inside the mountain and little grey men are TRUE! Then anything is possible.

Anyone got some ideas?

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UFO base in India?

Either that or the ETs are outsourcing there call centers LOL

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