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Default Manipulation

I hope this is a good place for this. This global warming and oceans rising is not working out for me in research. England, New Zealand, and, other countries are not complaining. A few islands have disappeared though and it makes me wonder if they are using plates shifting to try to convince us the oceans are rising? If it is tectonic shift it can cause trouble anywhere.

We were trying to figure out just how much ocean rise there would be if all the ice melted. Three quarters of the surface of the Earth is water so it takes a lot of ice to raise the oceans one inch. The problem is much of the ice is floating in the ocean. This ice will actually contract and have less displacement. Since all this ice will have a negative impact and the percentage is unknown an exact figure cannot be calculated. We are guessing though, if all the ice melted it would effect levels about 6 inches world wide. That would include the rise in ground level water tables of course.

Now I ask what is the real truth? What was the weather like when the Earth was on this side of the galactic plane? They are willing to discuss weather within the last 36,000 years. That is to the point of the entrance of the old side of the galactic plane. They do not want to talk about the weather 40,000 years ago. If they do now from a prompt from posts like this we are very likely going to be handed a fabrication.

I can't remember the name of the generator. There is one in the past that had both the armature and the rotor turn the same direction. It was low voltage and high amperage out put. I assume the galaxy is like this generator. The energy on one side of the disk is different than what is on the other side. We are parsecs past the plane and the weather is different. The ambient energy surrounding Earth may be very different.

Imagine if you will, a house inside a house. If the house on the outside is 100 degrees, and the house on the inside is 80 degrees you can't open the window and let the heat out of the inside house. The same thing applies to the Earth. The Earth cannot radiate as much heat if the energy surrounding it is higher. Tell me what you think, I'm listening.
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May be better placed in 'Earth Changes' etc - to take your discussion further, raburgeson.
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Anything is possible!! (Nothing is as it seems)
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