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Originally Posted by zegzy View Post
"19-05-2011, 02:39 PM"

What "Spanish Revolution"? How can something end that didn't start?
Which is why I put 'revolution/protest' because they did protest but didn't gain momentum for a real revolution. The fat chick ain't even opened the song sheet yet. Spain is in virtually the same financial situation as Greece and Portugal and when the SHTF there will need to be some action.

Spain is getting everything they are asking for from the EU right now because they can't afford to deal with Greece and Spain in the headlines at the same time.

Personally I support any action the Greek or Spanish people feel they need to take in reaction to the current situation. I would also expect that they would like people in US and UK to take some action also. We are all in this together like it or not.

If ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law, why are people expected to respect laws, created based on their ignorance?

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'79 winter of discontent - '09 summer of mass dissent?Maybe next year.
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Default Teenage Riot: Spain's Neo-Revolutionaries

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