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Cancer is easy curable. You can get rid of any form of cancer in few weeks. All you need to do is just stop eating produced and cooked food.

I know a guy who had strong cancer and he decided to kill himself. He went to forest with no food and water. He was living in forest for about two weeks
eating very few raw food like wild mushrooms, grass, roots and berries. After he left the forest all cancer has gone.

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Originally Posted by ronleroy View Post
Cancer is easy curable. You can get rid of any form of cancer in few weeks. All you need to do is just stop eating produced and cooked food.

I know a guy who had strong cancer and he decided to kill himself. He went to forest with no food and water. He was living in forest for about two weeks
eating very few raw food like wild mushrooms, grass, roots and berries. After he left the forest all cancer has gone.
Which is what Jobs (with his diet) did until he realised it wasn't working and turned, too late, to conventional medicine.

If you want to believe that diet will cure you if you get a serious cancer that's really up to you, you will die though, possibly extremely unpleasantly.

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Originally Posted by muzungu100 View Post
If you want to believe that diet will cure you if you get a serious cancer that's really up to you, you will die though, possibly extremely unpleasantly.
You'll die very unpleasantly with conventional "cures" (poison and burn) and live very unpleasantly and painfully too while you are taking them. Only plus points are a) you'll get a disabled parking disk and b) it's free on the NHS.
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Steve Jobs died because he had the wrong advice read below:

By Dr. Mercola

Steve Jobs died at 56 years old last week from complications of pancreatic cancer. Steve was the charismatic pioneer and innovative co-founder of Apple who transformed personal use of technology as well as entire industries with products such as the iPod, iPad, iPhone, Macintosh computer and the iTunes music store.

Steve was only 21 when he started Apple--officially formed on April Fool's Day, 1976. He was forced out in 1985 but returned 15 years ago and plucked Apple from near-bankruptcy, and in August of this year turned it into the most valuable company in the world passing Exxon.

Jeffery Kluger from Time Magazine had a great comment on the impact he made on the culture.

"But it's also fair to argue that Jobs was in some ways different from other captains of industry. Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Bill Gates changed the world too - Gates more than all of them, perhaps, with his second chapter as the world's greatest philanthropist - and yet the garment rending and candle lighting that has followed Jobs' death suggests a passion that none of the others stir up.

Perhaps it's that Gates and the rest that invented what were essentially just products - remarkable things that transformed the way we lived, but merchandise all the same. Jobs' inventions got inside not just our lives but also our heads and - improbably - our hearts. That, of course, is the way it is with living things."

What Type of Person Was Steve Jobs?

Much has been said about Steve's brilliance in technology but there has not been much commentary about him as a person. The LA Times has an exceptional article that provides a great view into Steve's character. Larry Brilliant, an epidemiologist who was the director of Google's philanthropic arm Google.org, knew Steve Jobs for 35 years. He recalled first meeting Jobs when Jobs was 19, and he was in India working to eradicate smallpox.

"Jobs shielded himself and his family from the media, and his friends respected his privacy. But over the summer, Jobs told Brilliant that he would be "happy to have people talk about him," Jobs had dropped out of college and traveled to India to meet Brilliant's guru, Neem Karoli Baba. Baba died before Jobs reached the Kainchi Ashram with a Reed College friend –- and later, Apple's first employee -- Daniel Kottke.

"We met when he, like all of us, were spiritual seekers in India. It was that quality in him that people feel even though these are physical instruments, iPhones, iPods, iPads. People can feel that he was continuing that quest," Brilliant said. "He had this idea back in the 1970s, that cliché of giving power to the people. He really believed it. When he made the first Apple II, he thought he was giving power to the people by putting a computer on everyone's desk so they would not have to be dependent on the priesthood with mainframes.

This was giving power to the people in a very real way, not a theoretical way. What he has done is democratize access to information and access to beauty."

Because his private life was so little known, few outside of Jobs' inner circle experienced the caring side of Jobs, Brilliant said. In 2006 when Brilliant joined Google, both his wife and son were diagnosed with cancer. Brilliant was distraught. He says Jobs supported him by creating spreadsheets that ranked cancer surgeons based on a number of criteria including post-surgery infection rate, follow-up care and approval ratings.

"That's the part that people couldn't possibly know -- the love and the care that he put into everything he did. He just loved his family, Laurene (Powell) and the kids. He loved them more than anyone could articulate. And he loved Apple," Brilliant said.

"The defining character of Steve Jobs isn't his genius, it isn't his talent, it isn't his success. It's his love. That's why crowds came to see him. You could feel that. It sounds ridiculous to talk about love when you are making a gadget. But Steve loved his work, he loved the products he produced, and it was palpable. He communicated that love through bits of steel and plastic."

Classic Steve Jobs Quotes that Can Help You Live Your Life Better

Steve's premature passing was clearly a profound tragedy but we can use it to take to heart some of the wisdom he lived his life by and possibly improve our own life. Here are some of my favorite quotes from Steve that truly hit home as to some of the central reasons why we are on this planet. Remember he was born out of wedlock, put up for adoption, dropped out of college, fired from the company he founded, and still, he changed the world.

What's your excuse?

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."

"When I was 17, I read a quote that went something like: ‘If you live each day as if it was your last, someday you'll most certainly be right.' It made an impression on me, and since then, for the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: ‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?' And whenever the answer has been ‘No' for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something."

"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on. So keep looking until you find it. Don't settle."

As a testimony to Steve's greatness, there were many creative memes that people came up with. If you cared for Steve or Apple you will likely appreciate viewing these.

What Did Steve Jobs Die From?

Pancreatic cancer is one of the faster spreading cancers; only about 4 percent of patients can expect to survive five years after their diagnosis. Each year, about 44,000 new cases are diagnosed in the U.S., and 37,000 people die of the disease. Although cancer of the pancreas has a terrible prognosis--half of all patients with locally advanced pancreatic cancer die within 10 months of the diagnosis; half of those in whom it has metastasized die within six months--cancer in the pancreas is not necessarily a death sentence.

The pancreas contains two types of glands: exocrine glands that produce enzymes that break down fats and proteins, and endocrine glands that make hormones like insulin that regulate sugar in the blood. Jobs died of tumors originating in the endocrine glands, which are among the rarer forms of pancreatic cancer. Unlike pancreatic cancer, with neuroendocrine cancer, if you catch it early, there is a real potential for cure. His cancer was detected during an abdominal scan in October 2003, as Fortune magazine reported in a 2008 cover story.

It is widely believed in conventional medicine that surgery can lead to long-term survival. Despite the expert consensus on the value of surgery, Jobs did not elect it right away. He reportedly spent nine months on "alternative therapies," including what Fortune called "a special diet."

But when a scan showed that the original tumor had grown, he finally had it removed on July 31, 2004, at Stanford University Medical Clinic. He underwent an operation called a modified Whipple procedure, or a pancreatoduodenectomy, which removes the right side of the pancreas, the gallbladder, and parts of the stomach, bile duct, and small intestine, which was a strong suggestion that his cancer had spread beyond the pancreas.

Within five years, it was clear that Jobs was not cured. In April of 2009 Jobs flew to Switzerland and underwent an experimental procedure called peptide receptor radionuclide therapy (PRRT). It involves delivering radiation to tumor cells by attaching one of two radioactive isotopes to a drug that mimics somatostatin, the hormone that regulates the entire endocrine system and the secretion of other hormones.

This treatment apparently failed, as shortly after that he had a liver transplant at Methodist University Hospital in Memphis. This is likely because the cancer had spread from the pancreas to his liver. Liver transplants are a well-established treatment for tumors that originate in that organ BUT it is very uncommon to remove the liver for metastatic cancer.

This is not routinely done for two primary reasons. The first is that it in no way, shape, or form addresses the original cancer, and it can easily spread to the new liver. But more importantly, he had to be placed on large doses of drugs to suppress his immune system so he would not reject his new liver. Tragically this is the very system your body uses to help control cancers. The liver has enormous regenerative capacity, and if they only removed the portion of his liver that contained the malignant cells, he would not have to take those dangerous anti-rejection drugs.

Conventional cancer experts disagree with the approach that was taken for Steve.

" In contrast, with a liver transplant "the overall costs and complications ... override its benefits, especially when compared with partial [removal of the liver]." Indeed, liver transplants for metastatic cancer "have been largely abandoned," says Columbia's Chabot, because the immune-suppressing, anti-rejection drugs "lead to such a high recurrence rate.

Interestingly, it appears Steve was not given any chemotherapy or radiation treatments after his liver transplant, which undoubtedly contributed to his living over seven years after his surgery.

Was there Another Option for Steve's Cancer?

I am certainly not an expert in the treatment of cancer but it seems that Steve got the best cancer care possible. He avoided all treatments for nine months before electing to have a surgical intervention that frequently is curative for this type of cancer. It appears he also was able to avoid chemotherapy and radiation. Of course, the question remains on how he got the original cancer. It is impossible to know for sure as there are so many variables.

However, the biggest issue may have been the decision to have a liver transplant and go on the anti-rejection drugs. Conventional oncologists are stating that was, perhaps, a mistake.

I thought it would be helpful to interview an expert in the natural treatment of cancer on this so I contacted Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, who is widely known for his work with pancreatic cancer. I previously interviewed Dr. Gonzalez about his remarkable cancer program, in which he discussed the details of his history and the therapeutic approaches he employs-with a rate of success that is entirely unheard of in conventional medicine, I might add.

As explained in our first interview, Dr. Gonzalez has been involved in the natural treatment of cancer for over 25 years, and offers really innovative therapies for this devastating disease. He's known internationally for his expertise on pancreatic cancer specifically, but his therapies have wider applications and can be applied to all forms of cancer.

Many of his pancreatic cancer patients are still alive and well today, having survived up to 20 years... In conventional medicine, this is simply unheard of. Using the best conventional therapies we have, the typical survival rate for a pancreatic cancer patient is about 12-18 months.

To summarize Dr. Gonzalez' program, it consists of three basic components:
1.Individualized diet based on nutritional (metabolic) typing
2.Individualized supplement program, which includes vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and pancreatic enzymes
3.Detoxification, which includes coffee enemas and colon cleanses

To review the details of his program, please see our previous interview.

Steve Jobs, Another Victim of Pancreatic Cancer

There are two basic types of pancreatic cancer. The most aggressive form is adenocarcinoma, which develops in the cells that produce pancreatic enzymes (these enzymes help digest proteins, fats, and carbohydrates and eliminate toxins from your body).

"About 95 percent of pancreatic cancers develop in the enzyme-producing cells that synthesize the main digestive enzymes of the intestinal tract," Dr. Gonzalez explains. "About five percent are developed in the endocrine component of the pancreas. The pancreas not only produces enzymes, but also produces hormones like insulin and glucagon. Cancer can develop in the insulin or other hormone-producing cells, but it's much less common. They tend to be a little less aggressive – the average survival for carcinoma of the enzyme-producing cells is probably three to six months."

Steve Jobs had this latter version of pancreatic cancer; islet cell carcinoma, the technical term for cancer of the hormone producing cells of the pancreas.

"He didn't have the most aggressive form," Dr. Gonzalez says. "... [H]e's had it for many years. He had a liver transplant in Memphis about two years ago. Again, he was very secretive about what was going on... [I]t must have meant he had a metastasis in the liver. First, he had to be treated with immunosuppressants. Whenever you have a transplanted organ, your body will tend to reject it, so you have to suppress your immune system. That's not good when you have a history of cancer, because immunosuppression can stimulate cancer growth since you're suppressing your own immune ability to fight cancer."

It appears Steve Jobs did everything he could, conventionally and alternatively to stay alive. As Dr. Gonzalez states, money certainly wasn't a limiting factor in his treatment.

"A procedure like that can run several hundred thousand dollars, at least. So my assumption, having treated pancreatic cancer for over two decades, he probably had metastasis in the liver, and it was a somewhat desperate attempt to try to keep it under control, although it would be ultimately futile. There's always the possibility of some kind of liver failure for reasons other than cancer that might have led him to a liver transplant, such as a medication reaction, hepatitis C from transfusion or something. But again, the reasons have never been publicly released, so we don't know. But most likely, he had metastasis in the liver."

Many Cancer Patients Shun Natural Cancer Treatment Options

According to Dr. Gonzalez, Jobs was seeing an acupuncturist who was very anxious for him to contact Dr. Gonzalez for advice. Dr. Gonzalez has been successfully treating cancer patients for over two decades.

"One of my great patients is a fellow from Michigan who had islet cell carcinoma that, at the time of diagnosis in 1995, had already metastasized to his liver. He went to the Mayo clinic, where everything was confirmed; he had CAT scans and biopsies... To the Mayo clinic's credit... if they know that a therapy isn't going to be useful, they don't promote it, whereas a lot of oncologists will promote therapies that are worthless.

The Mayo clinic told him chemo wouldn't do anything for him... There was really nothing they could do. He started with me in 1995, shortly after his diagnosis. He's alive and well now, 16 years later. CAT scans beginning around 2000 showed total resolution of his big tumors. He had a huge tumor in the pancreas -- it must have been around 6 centimeters. And then he had a big tumor, right under the liver. All these are gone."

Celebrity Patients and 'Star' Oncologists

Jobs is not the only celebrity who did everything he could through the conventional paradigm, which tragically has an abysmal success rate.

"Michael Landon actually did consult with me," Dr. Gonzalez says, "but he never did the therapy. His press agent, Harry Flynn, became a very good friend. Harry and I remain friends to this day, and this goes back to 20 years ago. As soon as a successful celebrity gets cancer, the conventional predators come out of the woodwork-and they say that alternative doctors are sitting there like predators, trying to lure unsuspecting cancer patients into their lairs. You know, I've been in the alternative world for a long time, and I've come out of this very conventional research. But I don't see a whole of that in the alternative world.

What I do see is conventional doctors doing exactly what they criticize in alternative doctors. Landon was treated by an "eminent oncologist" from Cedars-Sinai, who held a press conference. The first thing conventional doctors do when they get a celebrity is to hold a press conference. To me it's almost like narcissism, just to show how important they are with all these celebrities coming to them. This is even if they know they can't do anything. He gave Landon an experimental chemo, but he was dead in three months."

As Dr. Gonzalez points out, conventional doctors can fail miserably and still be considered heroes. Alternative doctors, even the most successful ones, are still looked upon with great suspicion if not disdain. Upon Landon's death, his oncologist held another press conference, and Landon's widow was impressed with how "hard" his doctor had worked to treat her dying husband.

"You see, when a conventional oncologist loses a celebrity patient, they portray him as a hero fighting this terrible disease against the enormous odds; working late into the night trying to keep the celebrity alive," Dr. Gonzalez says. "But when an alternative practitioner loses a patient, they consider him a sleazy quack getting money from unsuspecting cancer victims.

... The same thing was true, more recently, with Patrick Swayze. He had a very aggressive pancreatic cancer. Stanford oncologists doing his treatment held press conferences routinely... filled with this kind of joyful optimism that "they're going to help." He was gone in 18 months. Friends of his are actually patients of mine, but he absolutely had no interest in alternative medicine. He was very conventional – used "the best doctors" from Stanford."

Misplaced Blame-The Case of Steve McQueen and Dr. Kelley

Dr. Gonzalez' mentor, Dr. Kelley (who developed the cancer program Dr. Gonzalez now uses), treated Steve McQueen. McQueen ultimately died, although he lasted almost a year under Dr. Kelley's care.

"He was terminal when he came to Dr. Kelley," Dr. Gonzalez says. "He had failed radiation, failed immunotherapy. He had been misdiagnosed for a year. The reason he ended up with Stage 4 mesothelioma is because he was misdiagnosed by his fancy conventional doctors in Southern California.

Then they gave him radiation – there's not a study in the history of the world showing that radiation helps in mesothelioma; they gave it anyway. Then they gave him immunotherapy. There's not a study in the history of the world saying that immunotherapy helps in mesothelioma. They did it anyway. Then he was dying and he went to see Kelley. He died, and Kelley got all the blame-not the doctors who misdiagnosed him! In fact when you read the newspaper articles, there are still articles about how Dr. Kelley killed McQueen.

No, cancer killed McQueen.

You see, an oncologist at Sloan-Kettering can do a bone marrow transplant on celebrity patients. They die, and he's written up like a hero... Kelley tries to help after conventional doctors failed miserably and misdiagnosed him, and McQueen lived longer than he should. (He was a half-compliant patient – he continued to smoke, drink, and eat ice cream.) I told Kelley when I first met him, "The biggest mistake you've made with McQueen is you took him as a patient. You should have told him to hit the trail."

Dr. Kelley is now dead. But 30 years later, he still gets blamed for McQueen's death. About two or three years ago, there was an Op-Ed piece in the Wall Street Journal attacking unconventional cancer therapy. They talked about McQueen, and how Kelley killed him. ... Conventional oncologists lose patients every day, and no one says they're murdering anybody. Instead they're considered heroes for trying so hard."

As Dr. Gonzalez says, it's not even a double standard; it's like being in an alternative Universe. If you're a conventional oncologist, you can do no wrong, you're lauded as a hero despite your failures, and you make a lot of money making them. Meanwhile, alternative practitioners may succeed again and again, and still be considered dangerous quacks. This is a mindset that has absolutely nothing to do with scientific validity, objectivity, or evaluation of data. It really falls into a category more reminiscent of religious fervor.

Conventional Medicine as a Religion

So, how did we get to this point? Why does this situation exist when it's so illogical?

"Conventional academic medicine is the last religion left in America," Dr. Gonzalez says.

"So the way you have to look at medicine is not as a scientific profession, but rather a religious profession... It has its irrational beliefs. It has its own special language. It has its tools, it has its rituals. ... The fact that they don't make us better is ignored. Landon died, Patrick Swayze died, Linda McCartney died; I could list 20 celebrities who are dead because they went the conventional route. Why didn't they do my therapy?

Because I don't have a temple. I don't even own a white coat... Michael Landon picked that up right away. In fact, his press agent, Harry Flynn, wanted him to come and see me... [But] one of Landon's comments about me was that I "wasn't fancy enough." So he went to the priesthood. He went to Cedars-Sinai."

Meanwhile, Dr. Gonzalez has patients who were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the same time as Michael Landon, who are still alive today. His oldest survivor began the program in 1988.

"We have multiple patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer who have done well," Dr. Gonzalez says. "It's interesting: I do have very world-renowned celebrities as patients. But no one knows who they are; no one knows they have cancer. The reason for that is because they didn't die, and we don't hold press conferences. They're doing their program and doing well with their lives.

We tell our patients: don't make cancer your life. Move on with your life. So they're back acting in movies, doing talk shows and that kind of stuff. No one knows they even had cancer. And that's fine with me. Some of them keep it secret because of the career thing, and they don't want the publicity. I understand that. So my successful patients who are celebrities, nobody knows who they are because they got well and they're just doing their job."

Now, it's important to stress that this is not a conspiracy.

The physicians who promote the conventional approach do so because they truly believe it's the right thing to do; the only thing that has any chance of working. Healing cancer with foods and coffee enemas seems ludicrous when compared to the most advanced drug cocktails. If the most potent toxins can't kill the cancer, how in the world could you get rid of the cancer with nutrients? They've bought the conventional paradigm hook line and sinker, and they promote it not just for their patients, but for themselves and their families as well. And they suffer the same consequences as their patients.

"They grow up with the bias that drugs are the way to go. It's how they're trained; it's imprinted in their brain in medical school. It's like mind control – it's what they believe. They just can't believe anything else. They go to their graves believing it – often to their discredit, unfortunately.

Many conventional physicians are also in just as poor a health as their patients. However, there are signs that the tide is slowly about to shift.

"We get calls from doctors now, asking us about nutrition and what supplements they should take," Dr. Gonzalez says. "There's been a big change in the last few years. Fifteen years ago it didn't happen, and now it's starting to happen."

For More Information

For more information about Dr. Gonzalez and his practice, see www.dr-gonzalez.com.

He's also working on a series of books, two of which have already been published and received five-star reviews: The Trophoblast and the Origins of Cancer, and One Man Alone: An Investigation of Nutrition, Cancer, and William Donald Kelley. Three others are in the works, one of which will contain 100 of Dr. Gonzalez' case reports of patients with advanced cancer who successfully recovered on his program.

Thankfully, Dr. Gonzalez is still on the front lines and actively engaged in helping people by coaching them with natural alternatives instead of toxic drugs and radiation. I would personally not hesitate to recommend him to a family member or a friend diagnosed with cancer. His office is in Manhattan, where he can be reached at (212) 213-3337 . His website, www.dr-gonzalez.com also contains information on how to become a patient, and everything a potential patient needs to know.

Another source for more information about alternative cancer treatments in general is Suzanne Somers' book, Knockout. She reviews Dr. Gonzalez' work in one chapter, and Dr. Gonzalez personally recommends the book as a well-researched resource for anyone interested in getting more information.

"For cancer, specifically, I think Suzanne did a good job," Dr. Gonzalez says. "She really worked hard to put together resources that she thought legitimate and would be helpful for patients... So that's a good place to start in terms of general recommendations."

It seemed to be the liver transplant.

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Originally Posted by muzungu100 View Post
Which is what Jobs (with his diet) did until he realised it wasn't working and turned, too late, to conventional medicine.

If you want to believe that diet will cure you if you get a serious cancer that's really up to you, you will die though, possibly extremely unpleasantly.
How conventional medicine can be successful at curing cancer if it is designed to reduce population by using cancer. Illuminati controls all medicine in western world and use it to reduce world population, don't be naive no one will help you with cancer in official medical clinics. All they can do is to inject in body deadly chemicals or radiation to kill you faster. I know people who died fast after radiation and chemical therapy.

It is not normal for human body to have a cancer. Having cancer means something wrong with your immunity system with you lifestyle with environment. Throw your mobiles to the garbadge bean, change diet to raw unkooked food, change place of living to the place there is no chemical aerosol dumping from the planes. You will feel much better. If you live standart western life under constant chemtrails on the sky in highly electrosmog polluted aerea from mobiles phones and death towers, eating overprocessed food with high calories but with zero enzymes your chance of survyving a cancer is low, no matter of threatment.

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Originally Posted by maxinatlanta View Post
Movies about Cancer

Healing Cancer World Summit ( registration and attendance free)
I did not see Forks over Knives
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ormus: I've had a quick look at the links, are they genuine? as they seem like the usual "draw you in" marketing tactic so common in the US. They usually draw you in with heart felt testimonials, gentle music, pretty and horrible images etc. and then offer a product. usual $$$$$ tactic.
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Originally Posted by totallybonkers View Post
ormus: I've had a quick look at the links, are they genuine? as they seem like the usual "draw you in" marketing tactic so common in the US. They usually draw you in with heart felt testimonials, gentle music, pretty and horrible images etc. and then offer a product. usual $$$$$ tactic.
Ya most documentaries do that but off the top of my head most the ones posted here on the links are not selling you any products besides an idea. Are they genuine most of them are. For me I have experience with the hemp oil. I've never cured any cancers with it and that's because I have never given this oil to someone who has cancer.
If you are a heavy meat eater or love meat some of these documentaries will not be genuine to you. The ones that have cancer in their title don't talk about food much and more about cancer. Food matters,Fork over knives,Gersons, these focus on the american diet and why our healthcare system has so much disease.
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I am also very interested in this subject and wrote an article for work to go on the Firm's website recently. They would not publish it because it was too controversial. I am still working on trying to chop and change it a little and it looks as though the law bit can go on but not the rest. We shall see. Sorry if I have duplicated a lot of the responses on here. I have read a lot of your views which are similar, so I hope it isn't all just repeated. Also I have just copied and pasted it so hope it isn't too jumbled up.

Conventional Cancer Treatments…The Only Solution?

You will no doubt be aware of the limited number of cancer treatments available through conventional means, such as invasive surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. There may also be from time to time, media news coverage highlighting a new drug yet to undergo clinical trials, with the promise that it may increase lifespan by a few more months. Sometimes they are successful, but the majority of the time the success can be short-lived and treatment can cause more harm than good with their numerous side effects. Whilst the above treatments appear to be the only avenues, are they the only solution?

Research would suggest that there are many other factors to consider. Although less conventional, the natural route has been around since time immemorial and many consider this to be ‘the norm’ as opposed to taking medical drugs, which is a relatively new concept in comparison. Clearly there are arguments for both sides, however this article will concentrate on the alternatives that are documented and provide some insight as to what is available and where to look for further information and advice.

You would be forgiven for thinking that if such cures existed then you would have heard about it on main stream media, that such a revelation in medicine would be headline news! – Worryingly, The Cancer Act of 1939, particularly Section 4, forbids advertising an offer to treat, prescribe or advise in the treatment of cancer, unless it is by the health professionals for the health professionals. It remains in force. Should an alternative cure be found, then the UK is forbidden to advertise or publicise it. Not surprisingly legal research into the Act provides no commentary, cases or journals. Could this be why alleged natural cures never seem to reach the light of day – unless of course it is fed through the main stream media via conventional medicine only? The following link is Dounne Alexander’s reform application to the Law Commission regarding The Cancer Act 1939 :-http://www.joininghandsinhealth.com/news/ARTICLE_OCT11_CANCERACT1939.asp. There are many people all over the world, not least throughout the UK who have overcome some debilitating illnesses without conventional medicine. Read Fiona Burns’ story below on how Trading Standards tried to stop her from telling her story. http://cancerucan.blogspot.com/p/cancer-act-1939.html

With effect from May 2011, there was also a rather stealth passing of Codex Alimentarius by the EU. This bans many effective natural herbs and remedies from the shelves of Health Food shops in the UK. Whilst those who knew about it have been actively campaigning against this oppressive and draconian law, very little has been publicised and has not been headline news. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/1999...aw.theguardian

In fact, much has been done behind the scenes by many advocates in favour of natural health, not least by The National Health Federation (NHF). Established in 1955, it is an international non-profit, health-freedom organisation which works to protect individuals’ rights to choose to consume healthy food, take supplements and use alternative therapies without government restrictions. It is not only the oldest health freedom organisation but the only one accredited by Codex to attend and speak out at meetings of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, the highest international body on food standards. http://thenhf.co.uk/?p=611 There is also a movement actively campaigning for open and transparent honesty when it comes to herbal remedies as it appears this aspect of health gets brushed under the carpet despite their effectiveness. http://campaignfortruth.com/home.htm

Clearly prevention is better than cure but from the western cultures’ lifestyle, areas of grave concern are highlighted, from not only the polluted air we breathe, but what we put into our bodies and what we smother on to our bodies. We are a nation who have put our trust in authority, believing they know what is best for us. However decisions made appear rarely for our benefit and sadly more to do with profits and greed. With billions of pounds each year being donated through charitable organisations for research, surely a cure should have been found by now! With cancer patients on the increase, what is the point of giving to Cancer Charities and who is benefitting? Furthermore, if you consider the trillions of pounds profit Pharmaceutical Companies gain from this disease alone, we may start to see that perhaps we are funding lifestyles as opposed to finding cures. Each cancer patient is worth $300,000.00 in the US to the Pharmaceutical Companies – It is Big Business!

Pharmaceutical Companies are transnational organisations operating from many different countries worldwide. Most are wealthier than many countries put together, which highlights the magnitude and power they possess. Throughout the training of a medical student only three days are spent on nutrition, once again highlighting the impact and influence pharmaceutical companies possess over our health and the choices available to us through conventional means.

With the law seemingly to be siding with these organisations in the misguided belief that to remove natural herbs and therapies is for our benefit and safety poses two questions; 1) how far will this go? and; 2) who is controlling who? Becoming aware and taking control of our own health must start with each individual. It is true to say that Pharmaceutical drugs are not natural, they are synthetic (and mostly always contain harmful side effects) which is why they are patented and marketed for big profit. Natural products cannot be patented, are found naturally and grow freely, therefore very little profit can be made from them. Today, more and more Medical Professionals are becoming aware of the added benefits that alternative treatments can provide and willingly recommend (off the record) alternative remedies as opposed to prescribing drugs that tend to only treat the symptoms and not the cause.

From research, maintaining a healthy body and mind can be as simple as what food we choose to eat and what products we decide to buy :-

* Eat organic foods where possible - they are as nature intended, full of far more nutrients and you will eat less.

* Avoid Genetically Modified foods – we are the pharmaceutical companies’ guinea pigs in this regard as not enough is known to certify the food as being ‘safe’. Serious concerns have been raised, but here again, profit appears more important than public health. If in doubt – leave out!

* Watch out for additives, preservatives and flavours added to processed foods and sweets. There is increasing research indicating that many are carcinogenic. They may have been passed as safe by EU standards, but many clinical trials/research has been carried out and funded by the manufacturers – a clear conflict of interest. If you can’t avoid processed food, do your research and find out what you are putting into your bodies and the consequences of doing so.

* Sun creams, moisturisers and beauty products can also be detrimental to your health. Many contain petroleum and paraffin based substances as well as other toxic chemicals. Not only are you clogging up your pores and preventing toxins from being emitted naturally from your body, but you are preventing the natural sunlight on your bodies creating Vitamin D3 which is essential for both mental and physical wellbeing. Research now indicates that Vitamin D3 deficiency may be a contributory factor to cancer, diabetes and other conditions.

* Many washing powders, washing liquids, shampoos, conditioners and other popular toiletries contain chemical perfumes amongst others that may also be carcinogenic. You can buy eco friendly products that contain no parabens, colourants, phthalates and phenoxyethanol. Eco friendly products are good for you and the environment.

* Dairy products have also been linked with breast and prostate cancer amongst other conditions. Research shows that milk and animal protein actually causes calcium to leach from the bones. Cow’s milk in its raw form is meant for calves. When pasteurised, almost all nutrients are lost leaving behind a white liquid of steroids, antibiotics and hormones regardless of whether it is organic or not. Pasteurised milk kills calves. Read Professor Jane Plant’s story here in her fight against breast cancer. http://www.alkalizeforhealth.net/Lnotmilk6.htm

* Sugar is processed and plays havoc with your own blood sugar levels as well as being toxic to the body and feeds cancer cells. Chemical sweeteners such as High-fructose corn syrup, Aspartame, Nutrasweet, Splenda and other chemical sweeteners may be even worse and do not aid in weight loss. They are also detrimental to mental wellbeing and affects normal brain function. The FDA have more complaints from the effects of Aspartame than any other, highlighting a need to re-evaluate. Despite attempts, nothing has been done and this chemical remains in our food and passed as safe by the EU. That said, Asda has now removed this chemical sweetener from all of its branded products and drinks and Sainsburys have made moves to remove it from various own brand drinks. This triumph has been due to increasing consumer pressure. If you need sugar in your diet then try Stevia rebaudiana, Xylitol, Erythritol, Raw Coconut palm sugar, Lo Han Guo, Maple syrup, organic unrefined cane sugar or natural honey as alternatives.

* Cancer thrives in an acidic environment. Alkaline your body by avoiding dairy and coffee, sugar, white flour and fizzy drinks. Instead try fresh fruit juices as well as citrus fruits which surprisingly do turn alkaline once ingested. Our saliva is naturally alkaline and by design, we are similar to herbivores and not carnivores, all of whom have acidic saliva. Cancer does not survive in an alkaline body.

* We have been plagued in the Supermarkets with an abundance of foods bad for our health and well being. Our health choices are also fuelled by aggressive marketing/advertising campaigns and by watching sports and TV personalities who are paid vast sums of money for promoting products and drinks that contain very little nutritional value and chemical additives, potentially dangerous to our health. What is ironic, is that two of the worst culprits are sponsoring the 2012 Olympics! It can be difficult to find healthy alternatives. At the end of this article will be a number of websites that sell a good selection of Dairy free and meat-free products.

* Statistics have shown that those people who live near electricity pylons have an increased risk of developing leukaemia/cancer. This is due to the electromagnetic radiation being emitted. The same goes for all electrical products from mobile phones to the T.V. If you can, remove or turn off as many electrical devices as possible, especially when sleeping, to reduce your risk.

* Water contains over 1,000 contaminates that poison our bodies. Water filters can be bought making your drinking water 99% pure. Please go to http://www.osmiowater.co.uk/ to view how effective water filters can be.

Alternative Options

The list provided below is by no means exhaustive and the reader is advised to carry out their own research and further investigations into this informative and fascinating subject area :-

* Vitamin B17 – Naturally found in Apricot Kernels and other seeds. Why is this vitamin not contained within Multivitamins and Vitamin B Complexes when research shows it has beneficial effects on cancer patients? Recommended quantities are in the region of between 5 – 20 kernels per day, although some people have taken more. Care and assertiveness is required not to over eat these kernels as they contain naturally occurring traces of cyanide which is essential in its effectiveness. Read the link below which explains how it works. http://www.naturalnews.com/031336_la...cer_cells.html

* Vitamin C – Very high doses of Vitamin C between 5,000 – 10,000 mg per day and even higher has been pioneered by Linus Pauling, twice Nobel Peace Prize Winner. He held the view that very high doses of Vitamin C was beneficial to cancer sufferers whilst maintaining a healthy immune system. He also wrote many books on Cancer. Surprisingly, they appear to have been missed off his biography on the Nobel Peace Prize Website. The Linus Pauling Institute continues in its research of Vitamins at http://lpi.oregonstate.edu/. Purchase your Vitamin C from a Health Food Shop or Online Herbalist to ensure that they do not contain Aspartame or other chemical sweetener. The link below discusses some of the trials that have been undertaken. http://www.doctoryourself.com/riordan1.html

* Vitamin D3 – High doses of Vitamin D3 has shown to maintain a healthy body and mind and aids in the prevention of cancer, obesity and diabetes amongst other conditions. Make sure to buy only D3 and not D2 as this is the Pharmaceutical Company’s synthetic alternative. Recommended dosage is to take 8,000 IUS per day, far more than the RDA indicate which appears to be the case on many vitamin supplements to ensure optimum health.

* Miracle Mineral Solution – There are various protocols to follow depending upon the ailment, but tests have discovered that this solution has been linked to curing all kinds of diseases, both viral and bacterial including ridding the body of heavy metals. Visit the following websites for further information and advice. http://jimhumble.biz/ and http://www.mmsanswers.org/

* Colloidal Silver Water – Also known as Oxy Silver and Hydro Silver has been claimed to cure bacterial and viral diseases, even E-Coli. The saying, “born with a silver spoon in your mouth” is analogous of this. Silver appears to kill disease which explains why, during the plague/Black Death, whilst the poor suffered and died, the privileged who ate with silverware survived.

* Almonds – Taking 6 raw organic almonds per day naturally balances blood sugar levels. They contain calcium, magnesium, Vitamin E and phytochemicals which can aid the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

* Fresh fruit - Antioxidant rich extracts from berries such as strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries have shown to halt cancer cell growth and contain other benefits essential to maintaining good health. Pomegranate appears to be one of the most effective fruit to eat called a natural pharmacy in a single fruit. http://www.amazing-pomegranate-health-benefits.com/

* Zara’s Herbal Tea containing African Bush Willow – Found at http://www.grammasintl.com/html/prod...oducts_zht.asp has been linked with being beneficial to cancer sufferers, although you will note from the website, specific information has been forcibly removed by virtue of The Cancer Act.

* The Gerson Therapy Centre is specifically designed for the treatment of diseases naturally and covers all aspects of food and health. http://gerson.org/GersonTherapy/gersontherapy.htm There is a UK support group found at http://www.gersonsupportgroup.org.uk/

* Finally, always try to maintain a positive frame of mind. Quantum science have researched techniques that have been tried and tested that show far more people succeed and overcome illness by holding on to this mindset than those who simply ‘give up’. Go to http://www.lifepositive.com/body/bod...ncer-cures.asp for further reading on the evidence surrounding this type of technique. http://www.knowledgeworkz.com/samatv...Maheshwari.pdf

For further reading and information please go to :-

NaturalNews.com Grammasintl.com NaturalHealth.com DrMercola.com MiracleMineral.org Naturalskinhealth.com
Preventcancer.com BobBeck.com Canceractive.com
Sharinghealth.com Stevia.com TheDonTolman.com
Vegansociety.com Shopvegan.co.uk Veggiestuff.com Veganstore.co.uk Veganvillage.co.uk Veganlondon.co.uk
The National Health Federation acidalkalinediet.com Kernelpower.com
Care2.com Nutraingredients.com TED.com
Naturalbeauty.com Rense.com anh-europe.org Secretsofnaturalhealth.com Edge Media TV Campaignfortruth.com Pomepure.com PCRM.org Crazysexylife.com/about
Deliciousvitality.com Mypureradiance.com Healwithfood.org
Conscious Media Network http://www.cmn.tv/tag/cancer/ Thehealthierlife.co.uk


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Hi llogun, I read an interestig fact about cancer last year, cancer cells cannot spread without sugar, so anyone with cancer should remove all sugar from their diet.

Some german doctor discovered it in the 20's and got the nobel prize for it, hope this helped
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Here's a possible alternative treatment for cancer :

Bicarbonate Maple Cancer Treatment
International Medical Veritas Association

The bicarbonate maple syrup cancer treatment focuses on delivering natural chemotherapy in a way that effectively kills cancer cells but significantly reduces the brutal side effects experienced with most standard chemotherapy treatments. In fact so great is the reduction that the dangers are brought down to zero. Costs, which are a factor for the majority of people, of this particular treatment are nil. Though this cancer treatment is very inexpensive, do not assume it is not effective. The bicarbonate maple syrup cancer treatment is a very significant cancer treatment every cancer patient should be familiar with and it can easily be combined with other safe and effective natural treatments.

This cancer treatment is similar in principle to Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT). IPT treatment consists of giving doses of insulin to a fasting patient sufficient to lower blood sugar into the 50 mg/dl. In a normal person, when you take in sugar the insulin levels go up to meet the need of getting that sugar into the cells. In IPT they are artificially injecting insulin to deplete the blood of all sugar then injecting the lower doses of toxic chemo drugs when the blood sugar is driven down to the lowest possible value. During the low peak, it is said that the receptors are more sensitive and take on medications more rapidly and in higher amounts.
The bicarbonate maple syrup treatment works in reverse to IPT. Dr. Tullio Simoncini acknowledges that cancer cells gobbles up sugar so when you encourage the intake of sugar it’s like sending in a Trojan horse. The sugar is not going to end up encouraging the further growth of the cancer colonies because the baking soda is going to kill the cells before they have a chance to grow. Instead of artificially manipulating insulin and thus forcefully driving down blood sugar levels to then inject toxic chemo agents we combine the sugar with the bicarbonate and present it to the cancer cells, which at first are going to love the present. But not for long!

This treatment is a combination of pure, 100% maple syrup and baking soda and was first reported on the Cancer Tutor site. When mixed and heated together, the maple syrup and baking soda bind together. The maple syrup targets cancer cells (which consume 15 times more glucose than normal cells) and the baking soda, which is dragged into the cancer cell by the maple syrup, being very alkaline forces a rapid shift in pH killing the cell. The actual formula is to mix one part baking soda with three parts (pure, 100%) maple syrup in a small saucepan. Stir briskly and heat the mixture for 5 minutes. Take 1 teaspoon daily, is what is suggested by Cancer Tutor but one could probably do this several times a day.
“There is not a tumor on God’s green earth that cannot be licked with a little baking soda and maple syrup.” That is the astonishing claim of controversial folk healer Jim Kelmun who says that this simple home remedy can stop and reverse the deadly growth of cancers. His loyal patients swear by the man they fondly call Dr. Jim and say he is a miracle worker. “Dr. Jim cured me of lung cancer,” said farmer Ian Roadhouse. “Those other doctors told me that I was a goner and had less then six months to live. But the doc put me on his mixture and in a couple of months the cancer was gone. It did not even show up on the x-rays.”

Dr. Jim discovered this treatment accidentally somewhere in the middle of the last century when he was treating a family plagued by breast cancer. There were five sisters in the family and four of them had died of breast cancer. He asked the remaining sister if there was anything different in her diet and she told him that she was partial to sipping maple syrup and baking soda. Since then, reported by a newspaper in Ashville, North Carolina, Dr. Jim dispensed this remedy to over 200 people diagnosed with terminal cancer and amazingly he claims of that number 185 lived at least 15 more years and nearly half enjoyed a complete remission of their disease. When combined with other safe and effective treatments like transdermal magnesium therapy, iodine, vitamin C, probiotics and other items like plenty of good sun exposure, pure water and clay treatments we should expect even higher remission rates.

It is very important not to use baking soda which has had aluminum added to it. The Cancer Tutor site reports that Arm and Hammer does have aluminum but the company insists that is not true. One can buy a product which specifically states it does not include aluminum or other chemicals. (e.g. Bob's Red Mill, Aluminum-Free, Baking Soda). Sodium bicarbonate is safe, extremely inexpensive and unstoppably effective when it comes to cancer tissues. It’s an irresistible chemical, cyanide to cancer cells for it hits the cancer cells with a shock wave of alkalinity, which allows much more oxygen into the cancer cells than they can tolerate. Cancer cells cannot survive in the presence of high levels of oxygen. Studies have already shown how manipulation of tumor pH with sodium bicarbonate enhances some forms of chemotherapy. [iii]

“The therapeutic treatment of bicarbonate salts can be administered orally, through aerosol, intravenously and through catheter for direct targeting of tumors,” says oncologist Dr. Tullio Simoncini. “Sodium bicarbonate administered orally, via aerosol or intravenously can achieve positive results only in some tumors, while others – such as the serious ones of the brain or the bones - remain unaffected by the treatment.”

The maple syrup apparently enables and increases penetration of bicarbonate into all compartments of body, even those which are difficult or impossible to penetrate by other means. These compartments include the central nervous system (CNS), through the blood-brain barrier, joints, solid tumors, and perhaps even the eyes. IPT makes cell membranes more permeable, and increases uptake of drugs into cells. The maple syrup will make tissues more permeable, too. It will transport the bicarbonate across the blood-brain barrier and every other barrier in the body for sugar is universally needed by all cells in the body. The essence of IPT is that it allows cancer drugs to be given in a smaller dose, far less toxic to normal cells, while building up lethally toxic concentrations in cancer cells. Both IPT and bicarbonate maple syrup treatments use the rabid growth mechanisms of the cancer cell against them.

Dr. Jim did not have contact with Dr. Simoncini and did not know that he is the only oncologist in the world who would sustain the combining of sugar with bicarbonate. Dr. Simoncini always directs his patients to dramatically increase sugar intake with his treatments but has never thought to mix the two directly by cooking them together. Because his treatments depend on interventionist radiologists who insert catheters to direct the bicarbonate as close to the affected area as possible, or physicians willing to do expensive intravenous treatments, I pushed bicarbonate up into the number six slot in the IMVA cancer protocol. With the discovery of Dr. Jim’s work bicarbonate comes back into our number three spot right behind magnesium chloride and iodine.

That number three slot for a brief time was held by hemp oil containing THC. The great advantage that maple syrup and bicarbonate treatment has over this type hemp oil is that it is legal thus easily obtainable. The two together, backed by a solid protocol of other nutritional substances makes winning the war on cancer almost a certainty. When using these substances it is safer to change one’s vocabulary and not say one is treating and curing cancer. Far better to conceptualize that one is treating the infectious aspect of cancer, the fungus and yeast colonies and the yeast like bacteria that are the cause of TB.

Dr. Simoncini says that, “In some cases, the aggressive power of fungi is so great as to allow it, with only a cellular ring made up of three units, to tighten in its grip, capture and kill its prey in a short time notwithstanding the prey's desperate struggling. Fungus, which is the most powerful and the most organized micro-organism known, seems to be an extremely logical candidate as a cause of neoplastic proliferation.”

pH of the blood is the most important factor to
determine the state of the microorganisms in the blood.

“Sodium bicarbonate therapy is harmless, fast and effective because it is extremely diffusible. A therapy with bicarbonate for cancer should be set up with strong dosage, continuously, and with pauseless cycles in a destruction work which should proceed from the beginning to the end without interruption for at least 7-8 days. In general a mass of 2-3-4 centimeters will begin to consistently regress from the third to the fourth day, and collapses from the fourth to the fifth,” says Dr Simoncini.

There are many ways to use sodium bicarbonate and it is a universal drug like iodine and magnesium chloride. Raising pH increases the immune system's ability to kill bacteria, concludes a study conducted at The Royal Free Hospital and School of Medicine in London. Viruses and bacteria that cause bronchitis and colds thrive in an acidic environment. To fight a respiratory infection and dampen symptoms such as a runny nose and sore throat, taking an alkalizing mixture of sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate will certainly help.

The apple cider vinegar 1/4 teaspoon and 1/4 teaspoon baking soda taken 2 times or more a day is another treatment as is lemon and baking soda, or lime and baking soda formulas. Perhaps honey could be substituted for maple syrup for those who live in parts of the world where maple syrup is not available but to my knowledge no one has experimented with this.

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Originally Posted by llogun View Post
After getting rid of my symptoms of cancer i decieded to put a advert in my local paper to help people with cancer to make them aware how you can get cancer and how you can get rid of it. I read the advert out to the person to put in the paper and as soon as i said the word cancer he said i cant use the word cancer. I said why, and he said because it would upset to many people. I said your joking . He said no. I told him that was not the reason why i cant use the word cancer. I told him that people are not meant to know the real truth about cancer and that its all about money.

I thought i would try and get some sponsership from some heath shops where i buy my supplements products from that i buy for cancer so i could put a advert in the paper. Its £55 for a advert. When i read there disclamer on the product that they sell the disclamer is nearly a page long i would not stand a chance getting any sponsership from them.

People are so programed by the people at the top its a brick wall to try and get the info out there. I put a advert in my local shop. The response from some of the people that go in the shop were they think im mad and the only way to get rid of cancer is by having chemo radiation and a operation. Thats why every 4 minuets some one dies in this country of cancer.

Well i will keep trying
Then, you need to do cold calling to say 100+ person, and you will get 3 people everyday. It is terrible hard task, but if you do that from monday to freeday, it is 15 people a week, and 60+ a month.

Help at least one or two of those 60, and it will be big accomplishment. Continue with this aprox 1yr, and you will help at least 20+ people.

Intertia is terrible strong, but once it is moved, it is as ice ball rolling down a mountain.
Informal governance is more subtle and lasts longer than formal and structured one.
In informal governance, everybody within frame and determination of his knowledge and apprehension; thinks that he works
for himself and his idea.

Beyond that frame and determination he realy works for those who know
and comprehend better.

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Default My mother went against Dr's & "experts advice"

Originally Posted by cigar View Post
I've looked into this thread, going on the original posters ideas, the poster named "llogun" I did read what they had said very carefully and understood what they were saying but there is one problem...

This whole thread is nothing more than just a lie. There is no evidence to claim that cancer is caused by more or less alkaline or acid in the body.

I even checked this out with a cancer specialist, bearing in mind this is a guy who deals with cancer patients all the time, I put the question to him and he said that it is untrue. Therefore I have to go along with my own judgement that this thread is nothing more than complete rubbish. The only way to either help or prevent cancer in the real world is to either operate on the patient or supply a chemotherapy drug.

Sadly the person who originally wrote this thread is trying to twist the ways of how cancer does affect people. Yes I am right in what I'm saying, anybody who agrees with the original thread poster is wrong.

My thoughts about the ideas posted in this thread is most likely to try and promote or sell rather some kind of drug or ideas for profit like a money making scheme. I just think it is very sad really that people will talk about these things like this.

The specialist said, "UNTRUE". I rest my case. Believe what you want if you get suckered in but I am merely stating the facts here.

I've been in remission since I was 8 years old, I'm now in my 40’s & healthier than ever..... you my friend are talking complete crap...From personal experience I will explain why.

My mother went against Dr's & "experts advice" who told my mum that she would be killing me if she didn’t let them go ahead and irradiate my body (aged 4) to kill the cancer within. They gave me 6 days to live!…

The worst of it was "hospital radiation" had caused the cancer in the first place by "x-raying me until I lit up in the bloody dark" when i was 2 1/2 years old after I fell & banged my head. We didn’t find out about the hospital “over irradiating” me ( and many others) until I was in my early 30’s.

She wouldn’t let them do radio therapy & kept the drugs I had to a minimum, totally against “the experts advice”, (who wanted to put her on valium for her “hysterical behaviour”).
My parents fed me on their own "supplied vegetables, meals & fruits etc" from home. I stayed in hospital for a good few weeks, then I stayed at home for the remaining 3+ years & was treated as an outpatient with frequent visits to check on me. I had lots of exercise, love & the help of an “Indian witch Dr”…yes that’s right witch Dr…who taught me how to mentally & visually fight the cancer within…. I played in the garden, got dirty as hell, even picked up my food when it dropped on the floor, as my mother always said “a little dirt never hurt anyone”. Note also the Ward sister praised my mother for giving me plenty of greens ( in the early days) & she's remained great family friend to this day.

well well well, what do you know, I made miraculous speedy recovery, in months, but they wouldn’t clear me until 3 years later to be totally sure, eventually releasing me at age 17 of all checks & medicals (I used to go up once every 6 months). My cancer records are held on file at a certain Prestigious University with one of the worlds leading cancer specialist & I’m part of a life long study. I was told that I was one of the first few people to make a full recovery of my kind of cancer (a variation of “Acute myeloid”) when I got it.
One other point to note...They said I would never be able to have kids, so had the usual sperm count check & my Dr laughed across his desk when he told me the results & said.."you have higher than normal count" and said he was stunned....I have two very healthy boys & could have had more if I wanted...

In short, if I had of got what treatment the Dr’s had intended for me……No one would be reading this & the world would be minus 2 fantastic Sons!

Cigar….I pray you never get cancer, esp with the attitude you have right now
….I doubt you’d be able to make many more posts on here!

A man who stands for nothing....WILL fall for anything! # Malcom X
There is a power behind the Crown, Greater than the crown its self...
This Entity will be exorcised by sheer weight of numbers

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Great post, harry. Fortunately, people with attitudes like cigar are rapidly becoming a minority. Talking to most specialists in the field who are themselves immersed in the lies of the corrupt medical industry will never lead to the truth. The cancer industry has had decades and billions of dollars to 'find the cure'...what have they found? Nothing but more ways to solicit donations for more research.

This thread offers real hope and is an inspiration to folks who really need some truth.
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Originally Posted by indolering View Post
Great post, harry. Fortunately, people with attitudes like cigar are rapidly becoming a minority. Talking to most specialists in the field who are themselves immersed in the lies of the corrupt medical industry will never lead to the truth. The cancer industry has had decades and billions of dollars to 'find the cure'...what have they found? Nothing but more ways to solicit donations for more research.

This thread offers real hope and is an inspiration to folks who really need some truth.
I couldnt have put it better myself.....You hit the nail on the head, it would be financial suicide for them to admit that cancer can be cured by simply eating "natural foods, Exercising & being positive"....
Keep spreading the word my friend The world needs to hear the truth...And quick

Just as an aisde, my father has prostate cancer...he's refused (Chemo / surgery etc) treatment & the cancer has stayed dorment for nearly 8 years now since being diagnosed....
funny that cos he eats good food too lol.... Cigar...any comment???
A man who stands for nothing....WILL fall for anything! # Malcom X
There is a power behind the Crown, Greater than the crown its self...
This Entity will be exorcised by sheer weight of numbers

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Yes usually when you DO NOT ATTACK something,it will not get worse...... (As your dad is showing (AND I HOPE CONTINUES TO))

Im glad you got better Harry!!!

It seems like your mother was WIDE AWAKE

Peace and love to you my friend!

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Default The brick wall of cancer

Cheers Dude111, yeah he'll be fine im sure, he was just then tucking into some carrots cabbage & brockley etc with is sunday dinner when I left theirs today...

Like the title of this thread says "The brick wall of cancer "...Walls can be built or taken down....its simply a matter of choice, if only more people realised they have this choice!

You take care & be well (all of you in this forum), im just off to see where I can get the instructions & info on how to grow "spirulina" here in the UK. is there a thread on this already? Anyone?
A man who stands for nothing....WILL fall for anything! # Malcom X
There is a power behind the Crown, Greater than the crown its self...
This Entity will be exorcised by sheer weight of numbers

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Im glad you like it but let me give you some advise: WE DONT LIKE SPAM HERE!! (I notice the spam link in your reply)

Welcome to the site!
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Cancer can't be cured by eating whatever. But once you understand that cancer is just an erroneous and extraordinary immune reaction in the body, you can treat it yourself. And the beauty of it is that once you have that ah ha experience the body will clean it all away. I am posting what I learnt and how I have been able to effect spontaneous remission in my body and now not even get cancer in the first place.
Starts here

and I am still in the middle of posting.
Disease is not what we are told it is. Disease is the damage taken in underhanded foul game play. You can stand against the hidden enemy, become a warrior for Truth AND disease resistant.

Videos The underlying conditions of almost all disease
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Default Best cure for cancer is preventative

Cancer, or anything else, may be easy or impossible to cure.

First is the mind, it's ability to create, etc, and then is the body.. if your body is toxic, then its innate intelligence is hindered, and dis-ease begins to take the form of symptoms.

There is a brilliant web site (fun too) that you can read more about this.. and the importance of heavy metal detox, which will assist to prevent cancer, and also help with radiation during and after therapy.

As for the 'cancer is easily curable' statement.. I too know a guy, ate as you said, had as much joy as anyone I met, for as long as I can remember, a doctor of Chiropractic... and died of cancer in 6 weeks. He was my amazing brother.


Here is the site.. enjoy: naturallygood.eu

Originally Posted by ronleroy View Post
Cancer is easy curable. You can get rid of any form of cancer in few weeks. All you need to do is just stop eating produced and cooked food.

I know a guy who had strong cancer and he decided to kill himself. He went to forest with no food and water. He was living in forest for about two weeks
eating very few raw food like wild mushrooms, grass, roots and berries. After he left the forest all cancer has gone.
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