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The Illuminati and Freemasons have set up different Ritual locations around the world. They do rituals at these locations to keep power, to keep people in ignorance and fear, and to rid of karmic backlash. Reptilian Report has been doing counter-rituals to change the energy back to good. We would like you to join us at any illuminati/freemason location wherever you live to do MASSIVE Synchronized rituals to defeat the Illuminati and save our planet. The event is on may 10th(a day of solar eclipse). You can be there any time- bring your orgonite, wands, crystals, tuning forks. This even is international so we can hit every location eventually. Look on google maps for geometric Illuminati symbols and sacred geometry mathematics within the buildings and roads. look at street names to see if there is anything "elitist" If you need help finding a location just post your area in my FB messages and RR research team and I will do some research.

*FREE BOOK-Reptilian Ritual Science consists of some of the most important information; It is about teaching you how to steal the power, energy, and money from the Illuminati/freemsaons via counter rituals in the ritual locations that the freemasons designed to use against us. We will then use this power/energy/money combination to save humanity and earth from the new world order and destruction that is smacking us in our faces.
I will show you how these Freemason/Illuminati Rituals are actually the secret science of the new age of Aquarius; some of the highest level illuminati secrets. I connected the dots with tens of thousands of hours of research and also witnessed the power myself by doing 3 rituals involving the Philadelphia Art Musium(heart chakra) and seeing direct effect on my life. I will show you where the rituals locations are and explain the purpose of the rituals, how they work and effect our lives.
Conspiracy Theorists are conditioned to fight, to pull guns out. Most of us just want the Reptilians and illuminati dead, to be honest. But thats actually what they want us to want. They feed on that negative energy; its one of the reasons why they create the chaos and brag about it in the first place. I say we keep them alive and we just kick them off our planet; but first we must weaken them and strengthen ourselves. This is why we must do these counter-rituals on the same day every month(lets say on every full moon); we must spread the event to everyone. I have proven to myself how the rituals I have done against the Illuminati have changed my life drastically for the better. The more people that come out to all the hundreds of freemason/Illuminati locations around the world, the more powerful we become as one.
1/2 of the book is about the Rituals, and the other half is about very deep underground information on aliens.

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